Just a short review to give you an idea of the game before you download 1.22 gigabyte worth of files lol.

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Prinzyuan Pacalda says:

yeah it’s so fcking laaaaaaag in PvP and raid trash game

กฤษดา พรหมสาร says:

However, ask me I will remove the intake connecting Facebook made ​​popular StarCraft game, I told them to do it for once .

Ronald Jay Dimayuga says:

very nice unbiased review. thanks!
been playing this game for weeks and I can say that grinding is a must here especially for free playing users.

Killua Zol says:

can this be played on my samsung grand neo? v4.2 jelly bean… also what or how mb/gb to download all the resources.. thanks for the reply in advance…

Jictapus ! says:

You need more subscribers but be thankful for these people that like your content now ^-^

Rhoa Stobblehouse says:

Are you tired of seeing those repetitive bland 3D (Seven Knights, Soul Seeker) then try this game. It stands out from those generic GameCube standard 3D. I suppose they use this kind of simple 3D (Seven Knights, Soul Seeker) because it’s faster to use for their technology.

Night says:

Too bad this game is so horribly imbalanced. Playing anyone other than Lucas, Lena or Anika is pointless.

SquidySaurus says:

sub to me and actually watch my content and ill sub back and watch your content.

Maku says:

why the character has to make small squeaky noises?

Matthew Brady says:

These horrid Lolita character designs deserve to be at the bottom of an m. bison ultra combo.

Bob Saget says:

played it for a couple days. I think I’m at the biggest stand still with Hugo. Kiki and Anika are pretty good, I guess. Great game, but the grinding….The god awful grinding…

Rare Egg says:

Ya know unreal engine 4 is one of the best graphical engines out there. This is surprisingly powered by it!

Path says:

Reminds me of Kritika

daireyou says:

the update ruined my skill!! I’m using hugo, while using my circle of rage, and desperate charge skills, I can’t move to any direction!!!

kishlay raj says:

hey play this first whistle sound controlled game


not multiplauer

Joseph Rogers says:

looks just like divilian. auto play boring hack and slash. not an mmo

buni86 says:

great review!.. this game have a great graphic, but very common gameplay.. too bad

Soldier Boy says:

New sub fam nice vid 😉

keep looking says:

great review… subbing…

Jovan Jotanović says:

good job man!

keep looking says:

Great looking game, and is playable and gems are generously handed out, However lacks true depth in terms of character customisation, battle mechanics and item progression which is of the usual.magfsir.. if you played Evilbane you will see what i mean. If you want something closer to WoW or GW’s then look elsewhere…

AquaLady 420 says:

Same ol same ol. These games all have the same ui, style and battle mechanics…

KG Philip says:

Seeing ppl spend a lot of money to this game, is it pay to win?


what is the best game released already like ragnarok mobile 2016 or mir mobile where they dont emphasise on damage effects? Not too flashy.

Carl Egloso says:

Dude what an impressive review!

Alex Hexagon says:

the hit that we play on 2015 just got turn into korean version xD


nice video and nice channel
i think you need more subscriber.
please visit our channel that may help you. thanks


Filipino ka ba Zach?

UTubeUniverse says:

Amazing review! You’re the reason I’m playing this awesome game, and when I upload my video on it I’m definitely giving you a shoutout!

GroovyVideoGames says:

Looks very good for a phone game.

Jose Acevedo says:

the best game

NYC Kali says:

reminds me of Kritika…

ZaphGaming says:


Bryan .Young says:

My personal opinion…this game kicks ass. Enough so that I spent about 400 bucks so far on it.

Josh Rock says:

Great review

Sghy A says:

Play classic Solitaire online for free. It ‘s so cool

Ewoenam Gbanaglo says:

Uhhh soo why am i so overpowered…i started yesterday i aleady have all my armor tier II legendary and III

Gplays & WTF's says:

If this game had been a PC title i would agree with you more as far as depth. But as a mobile game it gets the job done. I 100% value your opinion ivomanolo and i am NOT! challenging it. But for me some depth is cool in mobile games (Phones) not (3DS or PS Vita) But to much gets in the way, Myself i play games like this on my breaks. Or on my way from one job site to the next. I don’t have time to treat a Phone mmo like a PC / Console mmo. I pick this game up i auto play a mission or two i put it away.

But that’s me i think (HIT) Level cap is 60? And the way i play (Pick up put down) I’ll get there in 2018. Lol Great Review by the way i loved it

Mental Morzan says:

Game is freaking sweet now! I cant stop playing. Game is not needed to pay to play. With 4 characters you could play all day without being forced to stop.

antrakt900 says:

It’s looks like Mobile Vindictus

Flamergy says:

Anyone know how to get the orange cosmic costume for hugo

n nn says:

Well as any asian MMO the best is at end game and making yourself a top set

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