Nintendo 2017 Year in Review Part 3: 3DS, Mobile, Movies, Cereal, & More! – DISCUSSION

We’re wrapping up 2017 by giving our thoughts in Nintendo’s performance this year! And there’s a LOT to talk about! In our final part, we talk about everything Nintendo did that didn’t involve the Switch! That includes their 3DS releases, mobile games, plans for movies and Super Nintendo World, and even the Super Mario Cereal. The Switch might have been a major success but how’d Nintendo do otherwise? We give our thoughts on all of this and more in our latest discussion!

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Nel_Annette says:

I genuinely think the only game I bought for 3DS this year was Etrian Odyssey 5.

KamiOtamega says:

DQ11 switch isn’t a rumor they just have stopped talking about it

RumorXplain says:

RUMOR: SUPER MARIO CEREAL 2 coming in 2018?

Kevin RICH says:

Anyone wants a 2d mario game ?

Yukinari says:

I havent even seen the fucking cereal in a store ever since it was stocked yet they sent boxes out to reviewers. So tired of everyone letting Nintendo slide on this artificial scarcity shit. Even if it was Kellogg’s at fault, Nintendo gets blame as well.

beeen says:

In your grading you ignored the third party support.

Quezare says:

Let’s be honest, this so could’ve been two parts XD even though this was all supposed to be part 2

eduardo torres says:

I give Nintendo: A
I will never thought FEH is the only mobile game that I fully stick all the way through.(I rarely play 1P & FGO mobile)

Christopher Angelos says:

I was expecting the whole video to be on the cereal but, okayyyyyyyyyy

Soandnb says:

Cereal discussion?
Is this GrainXplain now?

Ben Smith says:

It’s interesting to consider the pokemom virtual console releases and the transferring to newer games and their bank system.You’ve also got how the switch can use game cube support and potential download able cube games. Imagine pokemon colossuem and box coming to switch. Imagine potential gba adaptersupport too. The bank system could have so many options when it comes to old pokemon titles but also interaction with a 3ds

Jacob Tucker says:

If Doug Walker of Nostalgia Critic ever does an episode on the Detective Pikachu movie or the Super Mario animated movie, it HAS to be a Crossover with GameXplain.

Halvey says:

Echoes was the greatest thing to come from the 3DS this year. In my opinion.

Fogboy Boyfog says:

I finally got an snes classic edition! It’s supposed to come on Thursday and I’m so hyped!

Jose Ramirez says:

Thanks for everything you do for this YouTube channel and I hope that you keep on doing what you love and a happy new year

MysticGamer says:

I still cant find the Super Mario Cereal ANYWHERE!!!

AJ Hamm says:

As far as Mobile games go, for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp- it got so repetitive I stopped playing.

RockYeahh says:

Miitopia was the best demo I played on 3DS this year, it just came out when I was fully into ARMS.

RockYeahh says:

Nintendo also published Monster Hunter Stories outside of Japan on the 3DS this year.
Also Etrian Odessey 5 came out in North America and Europe this year.
And Fire Emblem Warriors has outsold Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires and Extreme Legends already at retail. It’s a big hit for a Warriors game.
Whereas Hyrule Warriors is the 5th highest selling Warriors game ever at retail.

TheAquaticLlama says:

Does Nintendo at Universal mean localization of kirby cafe possibly?

kcsupersonic1 says:

Andre had to get that one last shot in at Breath of the Wild. Oh well, he knows he’s in the minority on his opinion on that one and it isn’t like he hates it even if he is super overly critical of certain things

bob vella says:

had fun with the miitopia demo… might’ve over lvled. waiting for a price reduction though, even now the best i see is 6% off on amazon…

GMHD54 says:

I think Super Mario Cereal has the best graphics of 2017. When I saw the let’s eat, I couldn’t believe my eyes. So photorealistic!

TeaRzOfTheFalleN says:

How does USUM bring back the 3rd version? How could you say that? It’s basically S&M2. That’s not the same as a third version. BW2 did it, platinum was the last 3rd version.

DarkGengar94 says:

So universal studios is losing the Simpson’s ride right?

DarkGengar94 says:

Wouldn’t it be cool if Nintendo did like a 2017 rewind video (Not review) one giant trailer of Nintendo games in 2017 like YouTube rewind

Kyle Wilson says:

I own every amiibo to date (including ALL cards). I still get excited for amiibo and some series sell out really well. But i do understanding people are not as hype about them anymore. Ill continue to collect them!

Zachary Alejandro says:

I have got 3 amiibo this Christmas being the Mario Odyssey Mario, the Link Archer and the Guardian amiibo’s. I could’ve gotten a bunch more such the champions amiibo, and the Koopa Troopa/Goomba amiibo, but I didn’t. But I got a bunch of Nintendo themed clothing, and most wanted Super Mario Odyssey with a Super Mario Odyssey themed carrying case for my Switch. As this year comes to a close, I’m glad I have got a Switch at the end of August, with The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I also have got The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass for Christmas. So another excellent year in the books, minus getting Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and the original Sun, (since I already had Moon), and the immensely popular SNES Classic. Hoping next year will be better as we have Kirby, Yoshi and Pokémon to look forward to!

KirbyWarrior X says:

You forgot Team Kirby Clash Deluxe and Kirby Blowout Blast.

Dying Meme says:

Blue sky isn’t owned by Sony, it’s owned by Fox

NotAFan # says:

You didn’t talk about Monster Hunters Stories, it was one of biggest releases on 3DS this year.

Hat Kid says:

I was eating the Mario cereal while watching this

Harry Tran says:

You guy missed the point is 3DS is true handheld, but the Switch a hybrid console not a handheld.

Neoxon says:

Wait, Andre saw Guardians Vol. 2 early? Lucky.

DeeDee 9 says:

Why didn’t you talk about Pokémon: The Movie?!

Mariosion Productions says:

I go an SNES classic, guess what happened, USPS LOST IT!

XenoSmasher says:

Of course Fire Emblem Heroes got much better after I stopped playing it. When did they add The Black Knight?!

Graphomite says:

Nintendo 2017 Year in Review Part 3: -3DS, Mobile, Movies,- Cereal, -& More! — DISCUSSION

Jack Gray says:

I highly disagree with your opinion on Miitopia. If you have any questions about my reasoning, please reply.

Mr Jammy James says:

Look if Nintendo did get rid of the 3DS what would come, then again new 3DS consoles comes out quite a lot and Nintendo always has a good amount sold.

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