PUBG for Xbox One Review

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for Xbox One reviewed by David Jagneaux.

PUBG Mobile Review

PUBG Graphics Comparison: iOS Mobile vs. PC

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ZmurikX says:

Stats App for PUBG PC and XBOX

Miro says:

Lets bomb this review with dislikes

BreakBeatPaul says:

To say this game is finished is a joke. Blackout is everything pubg wishes it was

isaac galaviz says:

This game is a complete mess, the fact that you are praising this mess is a slap to the face.

Mohammad H. Moghaddam says:

I dont like battle royale genre so much but ive played Fortnite and PUBG and i think fortnite is better than PUBG. of cource its my personal point of view.

georgie perez says:

Running smooth but just when you said it seems like it goes down to 13 FPS. Like almost all the gameplay you show…

OrgaNism says:

Honestly, I think it deserves a 7. Not because it’s buggy because it performs really well on Xbox now, it just plays really clunky. Seriously, play a few games of PUBG on Xbox and then play a few games of PUBG on PC (if you can actually do that) and you’ll see what I mean.

Lionel Joseph says:

I actually own and love the PC version of this game, but even I wouldn’t give it that high of a score.

Pika Bro says:

PUBG is a broken game.

chrismo2001 says:

Yeah no… this game is an easy 6… not sure what you’re thinking with a buggy game with terrible frame rates and awful input lag.

Subscribe to me for Xbox One gift cards says:

The Sony ponys are mad with this one just face it this is better then Spiderman

racher ces says:


Imadeyourun says:

I knew there would be pony tears everywhere on this page, lol.

Chris Co. says:

Garbage tier review.

flaigus says:

I just absolutely adore this game. It’s well deserving of its 8.9 in my opinion, can’t get enough of it.

jay says:

THUIS GAMe is no where near ready for consoLE RELEASE

Humburrito says:

I don’t know how it got this score it barely runs at 30 FPS and has no controller aim assist

Frozenfar says:

8.9????? really???? it didn’t even run well in your freaking video. get the freak out of here.

just_A_guy says:

yes we know this port is broken but….if we will say it’s bad we will look like a hypocrite…….

Brianstorm says:

Blackout isn’t even out yet and it’s already killed PUBG on xbox

Jack M says:

Don’t support this pathetic excuse of a game with anti consumer practices.

mussa ahmad says:

it lags like hell its unplayable they never talk about these things unplayable due to lag and input delay

strangefruit says:

PUBG Downgraded on Xbox One X Just a day ago

Esesem ssm says:

People complaining about scores…Please shut up and replay PUBG. I know u have enjoyed PUBG when u first played it, and would have given it 9.0 at that time. Now that you are tired of PUBG after playing it for >100 hours, u r complaining about scores.

Miggy 1483 says:

Holy hell the salt In these comments is real. Its 1 guys opinion get over it

Tej T20 says:

7.9 IMO

SmithTwoZero says:

“Rarely has trouble holding 30 fps.” Those are high standards for 2018….

MoBoatz says:

“Final and performs well”
Wow, I didn’t know it was opposite day

El chocho wave says:

*Pregnant mom picks up cigarrete “this wont hurt the baby”* 30 years later

I give Pubg Xbox One an 8.9 score out of 10

Woolly Spider says:

Deserves a 5 for graphics alone !!! Gameplay isnt fun and bassed on luck deserves a total score of a 4.6 !!!!

Get Gr8 says:

Wtf are these textures? Frame drops are almost throughout the entire review looool. Cod is going to kill this game

Darkeyes says:

“Runs smoothly” Lololo
8.9?!? 6.5 at best! Wtf IGN

Chinced Homie says:

Does is still lag really bad on the original xbox one? Do buildings load in right away?

Michelle Alexandria says:

OMG this reviewer is trash, TRASh because his opinion is different than mine! It doesn’t matter if I haven’t played the game! There’s no way this game on a console everyone tells me I’m supposed to HATE is better than this other game everyone tells me I have to LOVE! No way in hell, I’m a sheep and I go with the popular opinion and can’t accept this!!!!!

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