PUBG / FORTNITE Mobile game controller Review – Add Shoulder Buttons To Your Phone

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Emcee Schwartz says:

kinda cool actually

Miitomo Guy says:

*15 seconds ago*

And I’m first

Sadhana Agrahari says:

Hey bro u can use the r3 for aiming

stormyandcold says:

Dude, if you could take those pants off as well, you would, wouldn’t you? (jk) edit: OK, having watched the video, it seems to me that it would make sense for the phone makers to add shoulder buttons into the phone. Even 2 extra buttons would make a big difference. Unfortunately, the way they make them so thin, I’m not sure how good they would feel compared to the gadget in the video. Mobiles+tablets really needs a controller standard to help solve the current problems, rather than the myriad of difference devices with different levels of support.

MrMaidx says:

I got myself a Flydigi Wee controller which basically converts my two years old phone to a smaller Android version of the Switch. PUBG with it is great (using Octopus app) and emulation is awesome. I got it instead of GPD XD for just 32 dollars. They have it on Gearbest as well (for a little higher price) you should look into it I highly recommend it.

Michael Villis says:

Why not use your 8Bitdo SF30 Pro controller? It is small, has a great battery and I believe has android support.

Dexter Lee says:

Oh god! touch controls. LOL

Milan5605 says:

i see better controller – just put phone inside and on left+right side you have gamepad like switch..

rafael duarte says:

What a nightmare

Eti domu says:

touch screen game = cancer for me that why i love the gpd win 2

An Tran says:

Do you think these would still fit while snapped into a Gamesir F1?

EDIT: Then again, the F1 is useless in this game since you wouldn’t be able to sprint….

Haze says:

Get a phonejoy

eggrolls says:

I don’t know if you reviewed the gamesir g4 but if you haven’t…review it dude

The Hairy Guy Down the Hall says:

I did not know this type of device existed. I remember those stick on “joystick” nubs from years ago. BTW could you also do a review with some of those with the triggers. It looks like they now have clamp on versions of those now some can flip out of the way when you need to get to the screen. Cumeou on Amazon is one of the clamp on nubs. Heptagram on Amazon is a flip out of the type. There is a cheap clamp on available on ebay search “Untra-thin Mobile Joystick Game Stick Controller For Touch Screen Phone Tablet” it will be on a list with stick ons just look for red, blue, yellow.

Amazon also has a set of triggers that mount underneath the phone like a real game pad. The Yobenki Mobile Game Controller Gen 5 on Amazon.

I like that you covered this. I already have a Gamesir T1s for around home but it would be nice to have something pocketable.

Thank You for the review.

Alex Klim says:

this is trash((

Android Micro Gamer says:

Try the Moga Hero controller it’s small compact it’s quite good yeah it’s not as big as I would like but it’s good

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