Reviewing PUBG’s mobile app and shedding some light on potential systems coming to the PC release.

PUBG Mobile for iOS:
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TheSwoleDonut says:

Looks way better than it does on Xbox and it runs way better.. Sad on PUBG’s part. Fun game though. Played 2 solo games and a squad game and won all 3 so lol

El Barto says:

Downloading now, wish I didn’t have this piece of shit Apple loaner, but I have to try it for myself.

Milky Man214 says:

so are their any bots in the game to fill lobby’s or are the players just really bad?

raz b.t says:

I just now first game chiken dinnerred with 6 kills… Ty for telling me about this amasing game

idk says:

wow rules of survival copy

Andrew ww says:

1. I really like your videos, because the way you do commentary, explaining things. Awesome
2. This game is free, which is awesome too 😀 (nvm you said it at the end haha)
3. A lot of the players in game are actually bots, heard it is for beginners to have more fun at the beginning while getting used to the controls.

SylveonRL says:

lmao ive been using bluestacks which allows mouse and keyboard input XD

Vault Dude says:

People thinking this was against bots: The names are real. Your first game isn’t always against bots. That’s only when you click tutorial. I went directly into squads.

Rafał Leja says:

I won my 2’nd game

Salt_Fist says:

I love pubg i win all the time and get 10+ kills every game. S8 puttin in work

Matthew Halim says:

Fuck ros

TurTLes msTECH says:

It’s look better than Fortnite 😛

Jose_Geekn says:

Lmao this game looks like a reskin of the game that was already out on ios. The game that copied pubg. All the controls look the same. I have pubg on pc. But since I liked it so much I also tried the game that copied pubg. It has the same controls and it looks pretty similar apart from guns, backpacks, cars, etc.

Black Ghost says:

Thanks for paying n betatesting it on PC n X-Box, non-mobile cucks lol…

Cis Di says:

But is it connected to your original pubg profile? I hope they’d do that.

てゞ says:

Man fix the fucking Game first u cock suckers

DotDotDot says:

My first match on mobile I got 12 kills and a chicken dinner. I should start playing it more to make myself feel like im good at pubg.

S W says:

I’ve got 1# from my first try!

Sholfier says:

17k first match chicken dinner, 16k after that (another chicken) 12 k also after that not chicken :/

Tawro says:


Zero Sense says:

atleast there are no campers in the mobile version because its kinda hard to hit a moving target ,ive never been a mobile gamer before but now i play it for 2-3h everyday on my phone its really addicting game.
Also you forgot to mention that you see with a red squares likes where you are being shot from and on minimap there is a “bullet” like mini icon in red when somebody shoots from far so you can play the game without sound no problem.

Caloy Miralles says:

I wish they would release it on PC too smh

Chirp FZ09 says:

I am an “average” PC PUBG player and typically get 2-3 kills per game, never had a solo win. That said my first PUBG iOS game was a team win, I had 5 kills, my second game was a solo win with 15 kills, after that my luck ran out, I can say it is almost easier to aim for me, but harder to navigate the building interiors. All in all I am enjoying the port! Dare I say that the iOS version runs better than the XBOX! It is super smooth. The only issue I found is that many of the people playing tend to lag a lot and the rubber banding is still an issue. Overall I think they did an amazing job!

Alan Trough says:

Real glad the mobile game loads faster than it does for my pc, which isnt even a bad pc

David Phillips says:

Runs better than my x1… Sad

Vile Nation Gaming says:

Got a chicken dinner my very first game. Also getting kills is super easy. On console I average about 3 kills a game. On mobile I’m getting between 5 and 8 on average.

No Cash Cards says:

When I first played pubg on mobile it felt like I was playing with bots because i got eleven kill and one win in my first try

FlaveDani says:

Can someone explain the ranking in the game. I dont get it

PartyCrasher04 says:

Ayy you wanna play? I have a 17 kd on solo lmfao

Reşat Yıldırım says:

this thing has a better optimization then the PC version wtf..Okay port this back to pc, so regular people can actually play this shit (intel i7 6700Hq, Nvidia Gtx960m, 16Gb ram, 128 Ssd(Game is set up on ssd) and can only get 40 fps in 1600×900.. :/

lol lol says:


Ravikumar Yadav says:

My first game was 13kills and rank #5.
Mobile players can’t aim for shit.
And I died to a red zone.

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