PUBG Mobile Review

PUBG Mobile reviewed on Android and iOS by David Jagneaux.

PUBG Graphics Comparison: iOS Mobile vs. PC

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Clashwith Ak7 says:

is it me or this game is so easy i win 7 games out 9.

4y5nnn555 says:

People say aiming is hard but you can easialy click the shoot button and drag at the same time

Nicolai Mendonca says:

Pubg is hella good on mobile/tablet and the only close second is MC5, maybe if I get a fortnite code I’ll play it more than pubg but till then it’s still my go-to game

Rick Bart Riochet says:

best game ever

Eric marsh says:

Rules of survival is better

Kraft Mc n' cheese says:

Gets PUBG mobile ad

Wavvy Boyz says:

Add me on PUBG Mo: BiggoDozer

Ademola Sodeke says:

The best. Better than rules of survival

K.J Egg says:

Buy a tablet

Ryan Le says:

It is currently doing better on the App Store than Fortnite Mobile. This goes to show that if both were the same price, PUBG would win.

Amar Original says:

Not 100 people hunched over their phones, only I would guess about 60 people and 40 bots

thegamingguy2313 3123 says:

They didn’t have desert map

Silent Blaze says:

They did a better job than epic.

Defias Bandit says:

the issues about aiming or accidentally firing, you can move and resize all these buttons in the settings, which make these “issues” non existent.

My_NiBBa says:

No matter what others say i love it .

jr fuerte says:

use claw

Neb says:

I love it

SomesayIam Awesome says:

The game is beyond easy

UbiRektGrowtopia says:

I destroy at this game

No Fun says:

Nah man its not that they are good at mobile shooter or even cheat. You must know me and some other people that play mobile game in pc 🙂

WhiteZe says:

Rules of Survival was better optimized and was more fun to play. Both are complete horseshit though, shooters do not belong to mobile devices.

MadGaming With Arnav says:

But it crashes on iPad mini 2

DRP Dreams says:

Not working on my ipad mini3

m0nius says:

i like this game

Aarush Hecox says:

The thing is that its much easier on Mobile, i got Chicken Dinner 9 times

Pablito says:

All I’m thinking is they should optimise the game to run this good on PC

It'sAlexForShort says:

Who tf plays mobile like this?

SuperGabGaming says:

So Mobile Devices can run PUBG better than Xbox?

AquaDronix says:

Gg (Get good)

arbaz khan says:

I’m curious that it contains bots I’ve already win in my 2nd match with 6kills

RazzWolf says:

Yeah this all very great and cool but i know one game that is destroying PUBG right now i don‘t wanna say the name but you probably know it already 😉

SlothPlays Xbox says:

First match I got second with 14 kills
Second match I got the winner chicken dinner with 18 kills
Just seemed to easy

Stryder Airsoft says:

Glad I can actually run this. *Cough cough FORTNITE MOBILE*

Unwanted House Guest says:

Too bad it doesnt play on ipad

Ryan628jpn says:



Bayek Of Siwa VEVO says:

I aim swiftly and precise

Famous SONGS says:

mine can’t open.please help

Cody Bowden says:

This only runs better on mobile because they made a version specifically for mobile. Where on the xbox one version they ported the first Pc version of the game. If they made a version that was made for the xbox it would run like a dream.

Ellectro Kingg says:


Oversensitiveshitposter The second says:

Why are you playing on the asian server your ping is like 370

m0nius says:

the game is good, but i wish the hud would be customizable and the map was smaller

Δχเ๋S ไ๋๓ρεя๙τοr says:

Lol i bet ign never heard of a technological breakthrough in mobile gaming called, USING MORE THAT 2 FINGERS TO PLAY

The SpookyM8 says:

When a mobile version is better than a console version…

Mr. COHIBΛS says:

I play on Chinese version and it’s already updated now soon you can play the desert map

thegamingguy2313 3123 says:

This game it’s real

Who cares Abc don't says:


datboi knows best says:

Aiming is actually really easy, 3 shorting people from a far is no problem for me. It’s a skill thing, not to mention easy to kill bots.

Josh Mathews says:

I want them to add sone sort of trench coat in the inventory

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