Simpsons Mobile Games Review – Square Eyed Jak

We’ve finally made it back for a new year and finally made it to one of the most requested franchises to cover: The Simpsons! But instead of going down the path of the same, old games everyone has done to death, I decided to check out some Simpsons MOBILE GAMES! (Also Futurama, just because).

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ExoJak says:

you could look at Animation Throwdown for IOS and Andriod, ive been playing almost 2 years. its a combo of: Futurama, family guy, bobs burgers, american dad and king of the hill. amazing game. very time grindy tho, but as i said, years in and i still play it many hours and am in a top 50 guild. give it a try 😀

Ant Parsons says:

Can l add you as a friend on tapped out? I’m lvl 120

Astral Frost says:

Good stuff!

Haha! I played that Futurama game. I thought it was mediocre.

As for Simpsons: Tapped Out, I’m pretty sure that one tapped out my nephew’s granddad’s Visa!

Mizticall says:

Why the negativity for Caddy? This makes me sad :[

kyan 1801 says:

Worst video ever

Will Rocks says:

Interesting first review of 2018. Nice nice.

Hat Kid says:

I should’ve expected this from the season 4 trailer

George Guevara says:

What a great way to start off the new season dude! I can’t wait to see what Simpsons games you decide to cover and I’m especially looking forward to Hit & Run. 9:44 Glad I’m not the only one who thinks Caddy is extremely lazy.

Timic83tc says:

I am convinced there was a produciton error with Hit and Run PS2 copies, mine literally broke as I was getting it out of the CD case for Christmas, that was a fun year

Thomas Jenner says:

you should of just done hit and run jak


Mahmoud Abdallah says:

Great review. Everything worked here and it was extremely well done. I’m wondering however, are you not doing scoring this year and just giving a positive/negative review?

Atri says:

The intro where you said ”Square Eyed Jak” was a bit lazy in my opinion. I know that even the show has a very calm intro. But your voice sounded very lazy. Although it might be becouse most of the games here were lazy time wasters. And I know you did something like this in the Hawktober episode where you intentionaly had bad/lazy editing. So I kinda don’t know. Besides that the rest of the intro was ALL YOU. Meaning fucking amazing. And the rest of the review was enjoyable and I liked it quite a lot.

Damagon64 says:

Guessing you’re not a fan of caddicarus lol although I will admit his thumbnails aren’t the most appealing.

Raidoom says:

Is there any mobile building game like tapped out with a fair business model?

80sRockFan says:

Yeah Futurama has to be my favorite. Great review Jak. The day that you’ll make a bad review will be the day that Naughty Dog will make a new Crash game. I always wanted to say that.

Zilla4eva says:

Maybe sometime in the future you can review the simpsons game

Brandon x22 says:

Great video Jak, have a great fucking day

Paul Taylor_YT says:

That intro though XD I played Tapped Out for quite a bit but it got kinda boring after a while, the only times I played this is when I felt like playing it and then when I get bored of it I uninstall it. Loved the video man and the intro cracked me up! 😀 (we call it a dummy too in Britain)

Daniel Thomas says:

I really am liking these reviews Jak! Can’t wait for the next one!

(also what was the music in the Tapped Out segment?)

BBJB says:

I’m keen to know what you have install for us buddy. Solid and original reviews to start off the new year. DIG IT! 😉

diego thealien says:

Not to make fun or be mean but family guys better

darius ricardo says:

Geuss that Simpsons tapped out wasn’t worth it

Game Plant says:

do south park games review

Nana-Kyoto says:

This is why I stay away from games by EA since I’ve been avoiding them for _many_ years now and will continue to do so.

Joey DeCesari says:

Do you really not like caddicarus?

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