Spyro the Dragon Mobile Games Review – Square Eyed Jak

With the return of the orange marsupial in the N. Sane Trilogy, one can only hope that the purple dragon gets a similar treatment soon enough. But while we wait… let’s check out some lesser known Spyro games!
Download the Spyro Mobile Games Pack: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4b5poY0SaYvTGpEM19mQWd6Ukk

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PsychadelicoDuck says:

I am super jealous of your shirt.

mightyred swag says:

what about Crash fusion 3D?

Darkfyraproductions says:

By the way……they did

Azariachan says:

They need to bring Spyro back. I can’t believe piece of shit like Bubsy is getting a new game while Spyro rots in his grave.

Mr. Everything says:

you look like dracula….

not like anyone cares

Darkfyraproductions says:

Why do developers think girls(woman now) will only play a game if it’s girly,sparkly(Pretty Cure is named Glitter Force on Netflix) and about fashion.Seriously what’s wrong with these people?

Ram777Ment says:

Great video man, by the way where did u get that Jak & Daxter comic shirt

Saabastian A says:


MrKnight says:

so…now can we have rayman 4?

noav snow says:

The fuck did you just say the fucking mobile legend of spyro is better then the console versions the fuck not even close the legend of spyro games were pretty good just because it’s not like the original spyro doesn’t mean it’s shit your completely wrong about that idk how you have the arrogance to say that

Matthew Henry says:

Was I the only one who felt TLoS was any good? If nothing else, it was a nice little beat-’em-up. Sure, it isn’t a platformer, but as someone who’s never had the chance to play the originals, it was a solid 6/10 series. I found myself actually coming back to it occasionally, even having fun.

JamesC says:


Lapiis Lapidot says:

Can these still be downloaded?

beatnu3000 says:

Fucking hell, not even the fabled case-breaking knee strike was able to phase that fucking phone! Gonna need a goddamn fairy kiss power up to even crack that thing.

Blazingfury05 _ says:

I fucking loved the PlayStation legend of spyro

DeSo says:

I don’t get why you say “maybe a demo”. The dA title says “demo” in all caps.

Emo Josh says:

What about those old McDonald’s “toy” Spyro games??

Frosty Pixels says:

What do you have against the legend of spyro games? Those are some of my favorite games of all time…

AelitaDiAgostino says:

That anticipation wrecked me with that first one…

And then I got wrecked some more when there was literally no point to it, whatsoever.

Ow. The feels.

Alexander Walker says:

This is the first time I see you and I am already sorry for your looks, really sad.

Randy Johnson says:

why does everyone hate the legend series so much, they are actually fun games with a decent plot in my opinion, the console version anyway

Andrey PSMODS says:

Could You Please Review Tony Hawk’s Underground 1 and 2 ?

Kyle Langdon says:

What’s wrong with multiple breath powers? More abilities means more potential for game design.

AeonEric says:

funny how far we’ve come in phone technology.

Emo Josh says:

You should review some old Spongebob games like “Creature From The Krusty Krab”, “Battle For Bikini Bottom”, “Revenge of the Flying Dutchman” and the “Spongebob Squarepants Movie”

SpaceDestroyer1221 says:

Great video man! I’m really enjoying the N. Sane trilogy and its a blast!

Sack says:

at least skylanders still is somewhat spyro, he still fights enemies

Jack Burzynski says:

Your eyes aren’t square I want my money back

Litten Fire says:

I like Legend of Spyro Trilogy

Dakota the ElectrioNite says:

You tried to destroy a Nokia

What do you think you are a god?

geekgo4 says:

Wow. Spyro really did have a worse track record than Crash.

DaSaiyanTV says:

I don’t know what to think about you… you’re stuck in the past, aren’t you? Spyro’s age is over. Some games are ageless like Final Fantasy or Mario, they never die. Spyro had its age and is over. Considering your name is Square Eyed *Jak,* i guess your a retro gamer. Which is good from a point of view. Not hate, just criticism.

Ioannis Mironenko says:

Where can i buy a jak and daxter t-shirt like your?

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