Tekken Mobile | Mobile Review

The Black Hokage takes a look at the mobile version of Bandai Namco’s fighter Tekken 7.

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the jasomniax says:

I’ve been playing this game for a few days a lot has changed in the past months from what I see. Note that I haven’t spent a single dime on this game.

(Skip to conclusion if you don’t feel like reeding all of this).

For starters that 1M legendary box or pack now costs 300k, so they are taking a few steps down on the micro transactions. And if you save up for that pack you have a pretty good chance of getting a 3 star fighter.

Secondly, once you give the game a chance and play it for a few days you’ll see that you start to obtain many fighters. I’ve been playing for 3 days and have 12 fighters and a bunch of fragments (which I think are bs). So far: two 3 star fighters (partly from grinding a lot and luck), three 2 star fighters and seven 1 star fighters. Furthermore, if you use 3 fighters per game you can go switching out the ones that dye for other ones and if you really want to heal a fighter just use one of the health kits from leveling up, I’m at lvl 19 and have a bunch.

Moreover, a small disclaimer; once you get to like 7000-8000 dojo rank you will start facing tough 2 star lvl 25-35 opponents with a 10000+ rank team which can be very hard to kill especially when their health is low since they play very difensively. This game has an unfair system that doesn’t have ties once the time runs out, so it just gives the attacker a loss and this is really bs; they should really change this

In conclusion if you give the game some time and get passed the initial frustration of starting the game with only a handful of fighters and learn the strategies to win games taking the least damage possible, the game is truly thrilling.

paulina oko-baro says:

Please check out Skullgirls, it’s good!

Joshua Mckinney says:

Can you review flash royale

SpecTacDenzel says:

do your taxes wesley snipes

Fanatic Gamer says:

So basically kinda like Marvel Contest of Champions mix with that Power Rangers Game with that Tekken flavor added

icetrey92 says:

Anything that has pay to heal is a no for me

Jay Complex Kid Randle says:

I’ve had the game for a month. It’s pretty decent.

Fusion Plays says:

Might have to cop this

Justin Martin says:


Lil Torch says:

Yo that new PUBG mobile pretty lit you should check it out

Avisek Ganguly says:

Just play shadow fight 3…a proper mobile fighter… albeit a bit tough

Jaylen Moore says:

Half ass reviews for half ass games

kenny roggers says:

Can we get a review for summoners war!

Philly2Corpus says:

Check out South Park Phone Destroyer….its pretty good

Long Lost Lord says:

i knew i was tired when i tried to swipe up your notification on my phone lmaooo

joseph mathies says:

If you looking for a good fighter on mobile try skull girls

M4TT YN says:

as usual Mobile games riddled with micro transactions smh

UciKidEca says:

Damn @tbh living the left-handed life

William White says:

Can’t even find this on android lmao

chillincello says:

Not a fan of this game

Zuri Minor says:

TBH you should check out skullgirls and south park phone destroyer next.

Jay Complex Kid Randle says:

Streets of Rage 2.

icetrey92 says:

Skullgirls Mobile is another fighter

Big Doinks says:

2018. Year of mobile ports.

ascensionXL says:

he didn’t scream when he got the potions so i think this video is fake lol

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