TOP 10 Mobile RPG’s 2018 – (Gacha/Hero Colllectors)

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1. Knights Chronicle:

2. Fate Grand Order:

3. King’s Raid:

4. Danmemo :

5. Darkness Rises:

6. Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes:

7. Fire Emblem Heroes:

8. Ninja Voltage:

9. Marvel Strike Force:

10. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode:


alex angeles says:

bro checkout “Sdorica Sunset” it has really great graphics and a unique game play compared to the other collector hero based games

Jerryvale Abiera says:

Summoners War?

MrFoxtanz Pexitron says:

RPG? where? i see moba / strategic battle

The Salamanderman says:

Tried most of these, and while many are good I can’t stop playing Monster Super League!

Sagar Patel says:

Honkai Impact 3 , in garphics and controls i think its best!!

GNP Subaru says:

My pp hard

On that thumbnail

pwner of kings says:

Hey fam, nice vid! Also, you may want to change your description to swap #3 and #4 😉

Bruno Soares says:

Age of Magic

Demiurge13 says:

List is trash

random person says:

Where’s dx2 liberation?

Ratundra Vi says:

Personally, I enjoyed playing Girls x Battle, Bleach Brave Soul, FF Brave Exvius, Shinnazuki. Top 4 of my gacha games.

L33T Central says:

Seven knights

RaizenProductions says:

just till epic seven hit global 😛

Christopher Ma says:

I have stopped playing all but 3 of these games and are my top 3. So Here is my top 10.
1. Marvel Future Fight
2. Power Rangers All Stars
3. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
4. Heroes of Skyrealm
5. Marvel Strike Force
6. DC Legends
7. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes
8. Ninja Turtles Legends
9. Heroes Evolved
10. Arena of Valor
PS. Once DC Unchained becomes playable available in my country, I would most likely put it at number 2.

Bryan Domingo says:

I just play honkai

noTmiZ says:

Good list, as for FGO,
My take on that is there isn’t much reason to play it other than for the units/heroes.
You’d only be frustrated playing it F2P, specially if you don’t get your favorite heroes.

Corey Whitt says:

Okay, the Marvel and Star Wars are literally the exact same gameplay with just franchise heroes

Tschogga says:

Summoners War anyone? No? Ok …

nikosnavr says:

Danmemo is not available in my country…

kevin sutrisno says:

How about brown dust ? i think its a really good game 🙂

edu Reox77 says:

What do you think about Dragalia Lost?

HaseoofAzuredarkness says:

Should play Sdorica Sunset that games kind of underrated

Fly solo 28 says:

I in love with dhc

Volume Burner says:

No 7 knights…. alright then.

Piercing Arrow says:

This went from best to worst…

Doody Sun says:

God damn you and your shitty list you mother fucker son of whore

Lacqs says:

No Honkai Impact, Azur lane or even Girls frontline?

Marcus Powell says:

Fate Grand Order looks like something I’d play when I was 10

Avakin Anime says:


Billyawn The player says:


Denune Galang Prawira says:

go try Magic Rush heroes. the best of RPG even the graphics is not good as Summoner wars

KiteoHatto says:

Fire emblem heroes is such a horrible trap. Its almost as bad as Fate GO, if you dont dump a HUGE amount of money into it you will hit a wall. King’s raid…is good, but really, REALLY slow if you are f2p. I’ve gotten as far as I could in the first 2 weeks of playing it hardcore, but then spent the next 2 months of logging in daily to get rewards and do dailies to get enough materials and rubies(prem currency) to make actual hero progress for the next task. Its a good game though, although cash shop is on the expensive side…. Next, Knights chronicle went P2W lately and isn’t worth touching(usual NEXON stuff..)

Dracula says:

Android or Iphone?

Franchott Barnwell Jr. says:

Toram.. only actual mobile mmorpg (no auto play or auto route)

Nikola Tesla says:

I was expecting for Granblue fantasy

BigCheddaCheese says:

wtf where is bleach brave souls???? GAHBAGE LIST

Lavin Bassam says:

ive done playing king raid and… dont wanna come again to play it again because so much to do in the game… ive done with no life grind all day like my youth when playing some mmo on pc

Haise Sasaki says:

Can someone tell me what is the title the game where there is bleach naruto and colossal titan you must defeat the colossal titan to get a good heroes?

I Believe, therefore, it is says:

Honkai Impact 3rd anyone?

Bank Alexander says:

Bleach Brave Souls is definitely the best mobile game I’ve played. I main FFBE, FFRK, KHUX and BBS.

StyraxツツStyx says:

No Azurlane?

linnen_elm says:

nigga come for thumbnail sauce @_@

Darkius Von says:

Wow… this list seems to be all over the place.
No Idea how Fate Grand Order is above King’s Raid. Huge Fate fan, and… eh. Not a great game at all.
I’d also add that King’s Raid is hella FTP friendly. There is literally nothing in that game that FTP players cannot obtain. The weapon gacha is crazy, but you can also build up your team over time to be competetive in pvp and earn the unique weapons instead o:
Knight Chronicle has a massive pay wall, a quick reddit search will letcha know that, lol.

ラニRan says:

King’s Raid is a p2w game

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