Worst Game of 2017? – Mega Man Mobile Review | RGT 85

Mega Man Mobile has just hit iOS and Android devices, and it looks like Capcom forgot how to do Mega Man. What could have been a nice little diversion for Mega Man fans instead becomes quite possibly the worst game of 2017. Find out why Mega Man Mobile misses the mark!

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DeathCrustPunk Productions says:

oh yeah, keeping the memory of IG alive

GroovyVideoGames says:

I thought the mega man legacy collection on PS4 was badly done. That too suffered from choppy frame rates, on a PS4 of all things. This looks so much worse.

xBrandon 22 says:

It can’t be the worst game of 2017, all it needs is an update 🙂

weegee888ZEN says:

common worst game of 2017? the new year just started there will probably be games much worst than mega man 1 to 6 on mobile also there is a nother port of mega man 2 and mega man x on mobile to I find the mega man x to be very good for mobile if you want to give it a try also the other version of mega man 2 which has sound and stuff is much better pick hose versions up they are much better

prokeikas 72 says:

he just used to consoles​ so that’s why he can’t control it. An I don’t have any consoles so I play mobile games.

greninja fan says:

I hate you

DADA 0604 says:

To me, Super Mario Run, and the Sonic Mobile games are the only good mobiles games to me.

Geometry Flow says:

This game is awesome whatchu guys talkin about???

PLC The Legacy says:

This thing is down right unplayable. They ruined jumping and shooting at the same time! *JUMPING and SHOOTING!!!*
That’s litterly all Mega man ever does.

MLGgamer 69 says:

i only like some mobile games

Doodle Dangernoodle says:

When Rockbot on the android plays better than the official product.

Vlyood says:

Mega man on Mobile isn’t that bad of an idea actually, just look at sonic CD for Android.
But that was a complete remaster for Android!

Carlo Nassar says:

If you did this on a iPad, you’d probably find it easier to do it because you could use all 3 fingers at once to find it easier to jump and shoot. Overall, terrible framerate!

Troller Plays Games says:

Quit Bitchin

PowerKirbyBomber says:

Mobile Gaming can be a GOOD thing. For example, Sonic CD, Sonic 1 HD, and Sonic 2 HD. There are also a lot of hidden Gems. Anyway, back to the point… THIS IS HOW CAPCOM TREATS MEGAMAN FOR HIS 30TH ANNIVERSARY?!?!?!?!?! These ports are on par, ON PAR with Sonic Genesis on the GBA!!!

Hayate says:

I made my own version of MegaMan 1-6 on iOS just by using open source emulator cores off the internet, and it works MILES better than Capcom’s!!

I’m only 15 and I made a better port than Capcom. Something is seriously wrong here.

Seriously, WTF Capcom.

LuigiPlushGuy says:

The Mega Man Legacy Collection is accurate to the NES version except for one major detail…..

The Yellow Devil pause trick is removed.

WSRainer says:

If the game controls can’t let jump and shoot properly, then it’s not Jumpn’shootman, as simple as that.

Not The Poultry Man says:

What’s so wrong with mega man mobile 1-6 And X

Liam the memester says:

This is my opion I thought it was pretty good it’s better than getting an emulator

Badre Bally says:

The sad thing there are good games made for the Android and IOS that are made by independent developers like the MCD (I don’t think I got that right) Wrestling games

Crazy Joe says:

I’ve got a nimbus Bluetooth controller whitch make mobile gaming Wa

Akosy says:

There are appa named EMULATOORS

The TOS -1 says:

I remember there was a great mega man 2 port that was removed from mobile

Zane The Maverick Hunter says:

sega at least tries something new not always the Best but still and what does capcom do they take anniversary collection take 7 and 8 power fighters and battle port it on 3ds added some features after that Legacy collection back to single games with out ability to play with controller

PopularMMOFan says:

ur the worst person for game reviews

Mukhtar ben Saddique says:

Dude. I agree with you.
Although I am a gamer and a MegaMan fan but?
I don’t like mobile games.
I mean. Cellphone games.
I couldn’t play games on cellphones?!

AndroidGameplays4Every1 says:

Obviously CAPCOM did NOT emulate this game, they ported it, probably the port was made by young programmers who didn’t even play the original game.

Mega Madd says:

i did the same thing with metalslug on mobile and it was just as bad

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