30 Best Newton Mail Alternatives | Email Apps

Phew! Yes, over 30+ Newton Mail recommendations to replace your experience. This will serve as a listicle and catalogue for Newton alternatives worth your time. Newton Mail is hard to beat but these are all of the line-ups out there.

– Gmail: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/
– Microsoft Outlook – https://outlook.live.com/owa/
– Inbox: https://inbox.google.com/
– Yahoo Mail: https://login.yahoo.com/
– Apple Mail: Comes native to iOS/Mac
– Polymail: https://polymail.io/
– Spark: https://sparkmailapp.com/
– Astro – https://www.astro.ai/
– BlueMail – https://bluemail.me/
– Aqua Mail – https://www.aqua-mail.com/
– K-9 Mail – https://k9mail.github.io/
– Nine – http://www.9folders.com/
– Dispatch – http://www.dispatchapp.net/
– Triage – http://triage.cc/
– MyMail – http://mymail.my.com/
– ProtonMail – https://protonmail.com/
– TypeMail – http://www.typeapp.com/
– Edison – https://mail.edison.tech/
– Hop – https://gethop.com/
– Trove – https://trove.com/
– VMware Boxer – https://www.air-watch.com/solutions/enterprise-email
– Postbox – https://postbox-inc.com/
– eM Client – https://www.emclient.com/
– Mail + Calendar – via Windows
– MailBird – https://www.getmailbird.com/
– Thunderbird – https://www.thunderbird.net/en-GB/
– MailMate – https://freron.com/
– Unibox – https://www.uniboxapp.com/
– Setapp – https://stpp.co/keep_productive_setapp
– Airmail – http://airmailapp.com/
– Superhuman – https://superhuman.com/
– Sanebox – https://www.sanebox.com/
– MailButler – https://www.mailbutler.io/
– Boomerang – https://www.boomeranggmail.com/

If I’ve missed any, ping me in the comments below with your Newton alternatives and why?! I’d love to hear and I know others would too!

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umcpdiva says:

this video made me sad.. i left dispatch (was not updated).. went to newton (died)… maybe ill revisit dispatch,,,I’m NOT liking spark; i don’t want my inbox split into sections grr

Bruno DECOURCY says:

Amazing list of alternatives. I look forward to watching the Serie of vidéos. I’ve been using Airmail but it can’t send large files. As a result, I’m back to the native application Mail. Mail is like a Swiss knife to me.
On another note: BlueMail works on IOS…

Anarchist says:


Luca says:

What’s up with all the split interfaces, it really distracts me from what I am writing

Michele Grisoni says:

Hallo Francesco. The problem using a Gmail alternative is labels. In my opinion (if I am not wrong) the only one sw that support gmail label is VMware boxer. This is the huge problem for people like me. Your reviews are the best on web.

Jérémy Le Mardelé says:

I just came by Tempo (www.yourtempo.co), and the design is really good and well thought out. It might miss some features for now (as it is in beta), but very promising. What do you think?

Germaneer says:

Thanks for the insightful video. I actually use Newton for a very specific reason. I have a decent amount of mail adresses (10+) and change devices almost on a daily basis. Newton is the only app, where I can just sign in ONCE and then have all my email available.
Is there anything out there, where I can setup my accounts once, then log in with one account on every platform and have ALL my mails?
I am totally lost without Newton.

Denis Alessio says:

I use Aquamail from the beginning of my Android smartphones era.

Ari Gadget says:

So basically no app which works on iOS, android, Mac and Windows with a single subscription cost, clean design and painless setup with read receipts, snooze, remind later etc like Newton had. Newton will be missed.

Just Sturgis says:

Shocked that you missed MissiveApp! It’s the only truly ubiquitous mail app (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, web, no linux but web, so…) by Philippe Lehoux @plehoux
Very generous free level with Slack-like pricing for increased search history. Recently introduced SMS functionality as well. Team oriented app but I’ve been using successfully on my own for years.

Elizabeth Flack says:

thanks for this video. I just read about Inbox by Google being shut down in March 2019 and wanted to research alternatives.

Ruben Rakow says:

Check out Canary best E-Mail App ever. And I tested half of the Email apps u listed there. Yes I know I have no life.

John Marshall says:

Any Newton “alternative” email app must have Evernote integration. That was the beauty of Newton and the main reason I used Newton. Sure, we can just forward emails to Evernote, however, that can add some funky issues if you’re forwarding emails that are part of a “conversation”. Nothing worse than replying to a client email and having the response go to Evernote. Wheeeeee!

Wish Spark would get off their butt and finally get an Android version released. They’ve been saying “coming soon!” for over 18 months.

Matthias Coombs says:

Love your videos

Zak. says:

Newton to me is literally a email service that stands alone.

iam thebside says:

What Mac/iOS client would you say has the best email tracking/receipt options? The $13 a month Polymail account will breakdown who opened what even on group emails. Any others?

Dominik Zborek says:

Thanks for the overview! Only one missing for Android is BlackBerry Hub+ which available to all android devices but comes pre-installed on BlackBerrys.

Double Broad, Inc. says:

Nest email solution: no email 🙂 Email after all is a bit like fax till very recently : ubiquitous but pretty outdated and not very efficient.

EnvisionWithJustin says:

Huge fan of Gmail, Spark, Polymail, Astro, Proton Mail, Trove, Apple Mail, and Unibox! I recommend Zoho Mail & Sudo.

patstar5 says:

I’ve tried like 5 different ones and either hated UI or doesn’t work with all of my emails (Gmail, outlook, Apple, yahoo)

mohitkhannaphotography says:

No app can replace Newton, just before subscribing to Polymail as alternative, I found Canary Mail.

Clément Patout says:

Hello Francesco,

Great alternatives out there. Thanks for sharing. I have one question. I like spark BUT I heard and read a lot of time about some issues with data privacy there. Any opinions?

Leon La Barrie says:

Mailspring is what i use for both mac and windows

Naya Tsoukala says:

Great work, once again Francesco!! I guess with Polymail and Boomerang in there, you omitted Gmelius from the list, although not limited to email automation – more CRM and Shared inbox functionalities in there!

Max Z. says:

Hi, thanks for the review. Have you considered adding to your review FrontApp (https://frontapp.com/) Or have you tested it?

Craig Kennedy says:

Started to love Astro and then this: https://slackhq.com/slack-acquires-astro-to-help-email-and-channels-work-together
Another one bites the dust!

Dan Holenstein says:

New glasses?

call me cameron says:

Trove just announced they were shutting down 🙁 I’ve moved to email by Edison for now, but I’m not sure….

Diego Machado says:

I’m using Outlook for me the best now that Newton’s gone.

aceqman says:

Can you refer me to Superhuman? Apparently this goes faster….

Jonathan P Minor says:

Mailspring is the closest I’ve found as far as functionality and workflow goes with the read pane off. Although it’s still not a complete replacement and definitely not as smart, it’s doing the trick until something better comes along. I spent a little time creating both light and dark themes that are inspired by Newton free for the taking at https://github.com/jpminor

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