5 Interesting iOS Apps – October 2018

In this video, we explore 5 interesting iOS apps for the month of October 2018.

Links and more info about each app – https://www.macrumors.com/2018/10/17/five-ios-apps-october-2018/


Alex Me says:

Add time codes pls

Bob Downs says:

I tried Habitica for several weeks. It is very cumbersome, difficult to use, and buggy.

Going Gupta says:

Are the orange airpods from colorware?

Fetto says:

Based on the metal sides, I’m assuming this used the iPhone Xr. Nice.

FAK___ says:

Please make separate vids for games

TheLaw 305 says:

Just add glasses to Dan and he’s Peter Griffin

Darnell W. says:

Can you please do a video on what the process is to get an app on iOS? It may be simple but it would still be an interesting video.

A Hobbyist Photographer says:

Grimvalor is $6.99

rajesh bobby says:

Were I can buy AirPods in orange color

mikeward1701 says:

iOS and macOS have way too many ‘Get Things Done’ apps, how many tasks/calendar/PIM apps do people need?

Rosario Emanuele Distefano says:

Sorted is very great!!!

Kritartha Das says:

Please review hydra camera app

Jian Kuang says:

3:07…. i really like se?? sex??

james mckee says:

sorted3 looks like a Things ripoff

Iamsteezze says:

How about a Game Series. This should be very useful to game lovers

Jason says:

I’m trying to find a game that was released this month, but no luck, I believe it was pulled

danielle sar says:

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Its_yo_bro_ lexington says:

Try Wunderlist

Parsa Safar says:

Car mode should be on here… it makes your phone like apple car play ;
Drive Mode – Car Dashboard OS

Apple Holic says:

Thanks again, I like the Sip app so far.

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