Airmail 2: App Review

A quick review on Airmail 2 for Mac. Hope you all enjoy and be sure to check out the website!

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Insleep says:

The website isn’t new for me….it’s the old “coming soon” one….

Waterhouse1016 says:

Hey how did you integrate your website webmail into the Airmail Client?

William Kelly says:

Great review and great web site.  What CMS are you using for the web site?

Zen Raven says:

This fix the issue of apple mail when deleting emails that you have to do it twice???

Scott A says:

You are complaining about a $10price for an app you will use constantly?

That’s ridiculous. Devs clearly spent months on this and you knocked the 40% for price for 10$? 6 months of 2 devs could easily cost 200K. Plus QA, and a lot more from my professional experience with big and indie devs. Not to mention apple’s cut.

You can make a ‘lower third’ in less time than it might take to compile that app.

Brent Ross says:

Hey MacSquare, thanks for this review. I’m trying to find out if AirMail will allow me to mark things as ‘Done’ and have that message simultaneously live in the ‘Done’ folder as well as some other folder for reference. For example, if I ultimately want all of my marketing emails to live in a folder called marketing, but I some are ‘done’ and some aren’t, is this possible?

L A Z A R U S Четверодне́вный says:

You have very colorful thumbnails. Have you tried material design?

Gurji Jheeta says:

wallpaper  ?? 

basicsurfer08 says:

Good one, so far this is only mail client that would deliver (incoming & outgoing) yahoo emails quick – tried all sorts from postbox to unibox

Daniel Romero says:

Beautifully designed app!

Bahij Alkhoury says:

Airmail is the best mail app for mac 🙂 … Amazing review.

Zen Raven says:

They do not have spam and junk email managemnt!!!!!

Rodrigo Garay says:

Cool review!

enjoyette says:

Awesome as always!

Jimi Wikman says:

Great review, good job and keep up the good work MacSquare!

Crystal Wright says:

thank you.

Itsnotsalad says:

Nice! thanks!

Tara Perry says:

Hey Mac, which app do you prefer that has an em client WITH Calendar and contacts? Similar to Outlook that’s NOT outlook?

shilohwillcome says:

A review on Airmail 3?

Edinn10 says:

Where to find that desktop background?

Xander Houff says:

So is the Yosemite UI overall the only main difference between Airmail and Airmail 2?

Kris Hunt says:

Good to see they handle attachments intelligently. The problem you described with Apple Mail blowing attachments up to full size is exactly why I won’t use it. Still, Airmail seems to be lacking one thing in this area: the ability to quickly see how large an attachment’s file size is. Often, I’ll drag a file to my MS Outlook email window, not realizing that it’s 20MB until I see the file size in the attachments pane.

Lana Banana says:


TheCackisBack says:

How do you make your intros?

Maanuve says:

nice website..talended kid/teen..anyway nice video!

Brickpro™ | Motion Designer says:

I love this app!

Codÿne says:

Great review.

Jonathan Vander Veen says:

Love the design of your summary “slide.” 

P.S., I don’t think $10 warrants a 2 pt penalty, IMHO.

Duncan Grubbs says:

Really good quality video, I’m glad your channel is back in action.

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