Airmail App for iOS (iPhone) – review

The Airmail App by Bloop is my go-to email app these days. Airmail is extremely customizable, it’s fast and offers awesome flexibility in handling your email. It also integrates with a large number of third-party productivity apps. Airmail has custom made apps for iPhone, iPad, and iMac. If you’re looking for an email app for Mac and iOS that gives you everything that you could possibly wish for then I highly recommend Airmail. In today’s video, I show you the iPhone version.

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Be Smart!


Theodore Anderson says:


Joshua Mueller says:

The app is great. But recently they’ve been driving me nuts with their support. Can’t get any help to fix an issue with their app converting my emails to Russian.

manny108 says:

I prefer Spark over this one.

Bromero Cards Ricky B says:

Have you noticed a problem with syncing with other devices. I am reading reviews stating that it does not do that as well. Thanks!

Kajana Club says:

thanks for the review

David C says:

Useful video. Does it work well with gmail addresses?

Hard or Smart says:

Hey, what’s up Smarts! In this video, I tell you what I think is the best email app for iOS. Although there are a lot of mail apps for iOS and there are some other very exciting options out there, I think Airmail is the best that you can get today. Thanks so much for watching this video and please let me know what is your go-to email app?

Kinga Gorski says:

Nice review, there are so many options out there!

CoralJoyTravel says:

I’ve never heard of this, but I’m now intrigued! Thanks for sharing this video!

manny108 says:

Does this app drain battery. I love Spark but, it drains battery fast.

isitebuild says:

You’ve got me thinking about switching from Gmail

Mostafa Wahhoud says:

Thanks for the review.
Adding to CONS:

– While replying to an email which has an image within email’s body (i.e. Signature email for the email that you would reply to or forward to) so the image will be disappeared !!!
– Though Airmail has a wide options, but there is no option for stopping the quote line at the left hands of each email you would reply or forward to…

If anyone has a solution for the same, kindly advise!!

Photonerds University says:

My biggest complaint with this app however, spite it being near perfect, is you can not set up an auto-reply email for when you are out of town, with a client and simply don’t want to be bothered but need to let people know you’ve received their email and will get back to them. THIS IS A HUGE missing feature from this platform. If you have any suggestions or work arounds I’d love to hear it.

Financial Woman says:

Wow, great video, this looks extremely useful and practical and convenient to have all mailing apps in one place. Many thanks 🙂

Video Cashflow says:

Very well explained video. Have you considered tweaking your closed captions?

Bruno DECOURCY says:

Great video. But you’d check Spark. I’m not very happy with Airmail. They provide too many options but the app isn’t as smooth as Spark. I use an iPhone SE and an iPad Pro. Give it a try and lemme know…

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