App Review: Airmail

App Review: Airmail

From an honest view, this is the mail client that I use on a daily basis. It’s a great application and totally worth it’s price. You get an amazing design with minute updates, from who ever sent you an email. With a nice integrated OS X El Capitan design, I think it really is the best mail application as of right now. Even better then the stock one that comes with your mac! So when you guys get a chance, give it a try. You can download and learn more about them by visiting their website after all these links. I’ve always done in that way for my App Review videos.

Download Airmail For Mac:

Download Airmail For iOS:


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-!MFC Clan!- says:


الفتى الحنون says:

Yes. So well done

Nikola Jovanovic says:

Man Can you do a review of my app FANSTORM.

Ron Epstein says:

Airmail has been around forever, yet it’s one of the most buggy pieces of Mac software that I have had the displeasure of using.

Now at version 3, the software still has its share of issues. The mail takes forever to download. Trashing mail does not work properly. With each update and fix that the developer team brings, there are always new bugs to contend with.

The biggest problem is their development team. If you go to their support team with an issue, you will be treated rudely. I have never had such an awful customer support interaction with any company than I have with the Airmail team. They don’t want to hear about issues with their software, and even if you post those issues on their support forum, those questions will be deleted and go unanswered.

The support team is overseas, and as you might expect from those circumstances, their customer service is less than optimal.

I would highly recommend Postbox over this software. Postbox may not be as pretty as Airmail, but it is more polished in features and their customer support is far more professional than what you will find here.

Please don’t support the Airmail team. They are not very nice people to deal with.

Real Prankers says:

Wonderful vids

k8 says:

Sounds a lot like Mail, I dont see a reason to switch Email clients…

Ashish Agrawal says:

Hi.. Would you be interested in making a review video for my app-FiTurtle ?

It is a LOCATION based, FITNESS oriented NETWORKING platform.
It is something which you wouldn’t have seen before.

Techit - YouTube Channel says:

*App Review: Airmail*

Marta Ginosian says:

You never saw this much colors in one simple game.
It is a real COLOR THERAPY.
Try it !

Shaun Sweeney says:

0:51 you stated ‘simple messaging client’. May I ask can we sent text messages through this email software?

Roland G says:

It’s not the App reviewed

Jimmie Jay says:

I have this app!

Lana Banana says:


Brent Matzelle says:

This review is really uninformative. Why show feature like it’s ability to set text as bold and italics? You can edit the HTML directly? Seriously, who cares? I want to know how it’s different than the other email clients. Airmail claims it has the most configuration of any email client so concentrate on that next time.

ImWhite says:

Cool and nice channel

Tyler Whitehead says:

Get a pop filter

Alexander Rieger says:

Hi, I am an Indie Developer and would be happy if you could review my alarm clock app. Wake up refreshed every day by turning your device into a sunrise simulator:

Zen Raven says:

This fix the issue of mail when deleting emails that you have to do it twice???

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