Best Email Client?

With the closing of Mailbox, I like many other people, was in need of a new email client. I found a new service which combines speed, and functionality into a visually pleasing app, which is now my favorite email client across all platforms. This is my review of CloudMagic.

Check out CloudMagic here:

CloudMagic for IOS:…

CloudMagic for Mac:…

CloudMagic for Android:…

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Thank you all for watching!


Kevin The Tech Ninja says:

I love inbox. However when I go back to Gmail I freak out due to unread emails lol.

OTechTime says:

Great video I need to check this out

BTechHD says:

Great video. Definitely going to give this a try

João Linhares (Polipogas) says:

Check MyMail app

MuscleBoi1901 says:

MyMail next please!

TheGeekishGamer says:

awesome video Jacklyn are you doing and giveaways in future internationally

DiniTech says:


KuMotif says:

Nice video! I also do really like CloudMagic’s interface and think it is really elegant (at least on Android; no idea about iOS). But the only reason I don’t use CloudMagic is that it requires the SYNC feature to be switched ON on the phone and that is a huge battery drain. I prefer other email clients like TypeApp (probably the best email client with the most features) and AirMail. Just wanted to share my 2 cents…

Ahmet Koc says:

wow, very informative. congrats.

L3D KAIROS says:

I legit died and came back when i found out mail box was closing

Tech4YourNeeds says:

Great well detail review!

Mr Fanatic says:

i want a nice long white glossy desk where did u get urs

M Raja says:

Great video – many thanks !

Prajjwal Jain says:

Awesome video 🙂 , Supped 🙂

Gio Gargiulo / The Nerd Herd says:

I definitely support experimenting with camera angles, but sometimes it was a bit hard to see what was going on (eg 2:10)
Other than that, thanks for sharing this, definitely a great app!

Tech Infusion says:

Awesome video!

Royce Nobles says:

Great review, thanks!

Mixalis Doukis says:

Nice Vid! I prefer MyMail! It is very nice, easy to learn,beautiful and have a lot of functionalities!

Mark Briody says:

Does this app support Gmail folders on IOS? e.g. move emails to folders?

Also how about creating folders – this is something even the Gmail app does not support but I’d love to have it?

iloveselenagomez yeah says:


Android Tech says:

Great Video.

Jonathan says:

nice video

A.Krishna Akhil says:

Simple yet cool video Jacklyn.
Could we DM on twitter?Wanted to talk to you about something.

Jakob.P.Helm says:

I will keep using outlook but thanks for the video, it helped come to a decision.

Kelly Wonderlin says:

Great job lady! Keep up the great work

Brad Snyder says:

Looks to be really neat! Excellent video Jacklyn!

FaDe Brent says:

what camera do you use

YellowPeaches says:

i use Yahoo And Gmail xD

Darth Varder says:

i love it found it about 3 weeks ago so handy to have all emails in one place

Emad Ahmed says:

Really nice video! And yeah, CloudMagic is great, but the best is Airmail for both iPhone and Mac. Spark is pretty good for the iPhone too.

PieRow says:

How about gmail, it’s pretty good app for email

Lippy A says:

I’ll Agree.

Kristen says:

I like your lokai bracelets 🙂

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