CloudMagic Email Client — Android App Review

Smartphones are smart because they are more than just phones. In fact, I’m betting most of us don’t even really use the phone part of our smartphone all that often. It’s our entertainment device and perhaps most importantly it’s our email communications device. The default email applications in Android work great, but to be honest they are not that pretty

XDA Senior Member ashwinsadeep offers an email client that has better looks and functionality. In this video XDA Developer TV Producer TK reviews CloudMagic. TK shows off the application, its use, functionality and talks about his thoughts of the application. So check out this app review.

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Caleb Martin says:

hay Im 15 and I am a app developer for android here is a link to my first app it is called number generator enjoy

bhuvan Reddy says:

Prety bad res

6 speed says:

Thankssssss always wanted a app to get on my Iclound from my note 3 cool. And always hated my Gmail app for android it sucks

Steve Mills says:

I need to be able to use rich text features when writing emails as I like to use bold and italics and lists to pick out and emphasise things, and to an extent, also colour.

I was hoping to see what the client could do when creating emails? Perhaps in any future similar reviews it would be possible to show what options are available when creating an email?

MailDroid for example provides lots of useful formatting although I found that it uses 50% more battery than the stock email app on my GS3.

António Mourao says:

Hi, TK I have a nexus 4 and flash kitkat, not trill with sms and dialer, thanks to you I’m using 8sms now you could do and app review for a dialer replacement app.

Suren Suntharalingam says:

Is it possible for you to make another video on how to install the AOSP browser for a non rooted nexus 7 running Android version 4.4?

neeedleinahaystack says:

Eeeewwwww! Startup looks like winblows.

Neal Polshuk says:

Thanks… Great app. Question: how do I make it my default email client? Right now, when I get an email (gmail account) I get notifications from both the stock gmail client and from the Cloudmagic app….

Gavin Vaughan says:

Why do email apps never include a delete all button? Even in the bin you have to manually delete each email.

Shaunak Basu says:

Hmm, but for some weird reason it does not take my company’s SMTP server… (for some weird reason my company uses secure servers without a valid certificate) but it does not cause problem with Aquamail / K-9 / Stock mail…

Tatoke kokipa says:

I dont see why i would need to cloud/upload it incrypted to a server…
it looks simple…but i know it is not…

avbenigma says:

I like your videos but you simply MUST get a different microphone than what you are using now…
Thanks for all the great reviews!

rockjavs52 says:

not available on india play store so cant try it

Joris van den broeck says:

Is there an option for auto send notifications when a new mail arrives?!

Archangel Renzoku says:

Is it just me or is the only added functionality of this app over other email clients is the ability to save a profile of various accounts to a cloud server?

The only other ‘wow’ effect I see is that it’s rearranged differently in terms of positions of various tiles. I mean, why would you choose this over Gmail unless you have 5 other email accounts across different domains?

CMDR unematti says:

Something’s wrong with the resolution?

franklin raj says:

this is good but u cannot mark mails.i still prefer aqua mail

Puneet D says:

is Contacts and Calendar sync supported for exchange accounts?

HotNitrogen says:

Is security like SSL/TLS enabled by default? Don’t wanna be MiTm attacked!

Shaun Nicholson says:

Nice looking email client

Jaime Denizard says:

Hey TK are you hispanic? At 6:05 it sounded like you were about to say “necesita” but then corrected yourself said “need”

TheDogThatMeows says:

No thanks, K9 works magic for me, it does not have a LIMITED account, I can and I am syncing my 6 email accounts with it every single day.

Robert Cummings says:

Why do all my emails disappear within a minute of receiving it where are the mails going? I can no longer see my historical emails on my laptop now….

Mr. N says:

Sucks, doesn’t have a send to calendar feature. Next.
Only Aquamail has this feature and it’s mind boggling because it’s a pretty useful function in my opinion. let me know when they implement and i’ll come back.

Browningate says:

I still don’t see how this is any better than the stock Jellybean email client.

Anantha Bharathan Kurup says:

Thanks for your videos TK Bay ( Bayta). I some suggestions.
1. It would be great if you could not show your hand and gestures while focussing on the device close ups ( throughout the review)
2. When showing the XDA thread can you please zoom in the screen as it is quite zoomed out at times.
Apart from that it’s quite nice to see your videos.

Filo011 says:

gmail app is solid tbh

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