Controlling my Corvette from my PHONE! | MyChevrolet App Review

The MyChevrolet app let’s you control/monitor your car from your phone! It’s not near as advanced as Tesla’s application, but it’s still petty awesome.

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Jirol Delos Santos says:

Great video

LVdude says:

how easy is it for hackers to hack into this? and mess with your car stuff. Maybe this is connection via phone and not wifi so it’s not as bad? or what? thanks

HotNHorny says:

What happens if you sell the car. Can the previous owner still access it? If I sold mine, I wonder if I can still control the car.

Pseudo Smith says:

The F with your tire pressure?

Alpha Macho says:

I subscribed man. What do you think about a possible change for the corvette? Rumors say for 2019 (C8)

JG Cano says:

Yes its a cool feature, I forget to use it! Great video!

Janusha says:

But why….

John Carter says:

My owners manual is NOT available on the app. Possibly because I have a 2019 and maybe it’s not ready yet.

Bryce Custer says:

Can you use this instead of your keyfob? I hate carrying stuff around in my pockets and this would be awesome I can just carry my phone which I already have. Thanks, love your videos! Bryce

Ke'Vaughn Waldon says:

I honestly didn’t know that the app had so many features, keep up the good work man! Hit 1 Mil Subs!

silverwolf152 ROBLOX AND MORE says:

corvette are beast

Daphne Carey says:

Great video on another technological feature available on the C7. Nice array of pics of viewers rides.

EdVentures says:

That’s so cool!

JPierquet9 says:

I believe the Vehicle Status portion only works for the 3 month trial period with Onstar, unless you buy one of their monthly packages. Am I correct about this?

D Merc says:

Thanks for doing this, I have not taken the time to get deeply into the app and now you’ve got me interested in finding the video tutorials!

Dj DrainX says:

Ha, that’s nothing myaaan. I can control my dick from MyDick app. I popup a pornsite, dick grows, remove pornvideo, dick retracts. Cool ha?

salvatore DeAngelo says:

Put the damn I phone down and Drive you friggin Morron !!!

Jerome Truitt says:

can you play your music from it?

Jon .D says:

So for a 2015 you can start the car as long as the key fob is near the phone? Do you have to be in the car?

Mikael Gustafsson says:

Is there any app for use in Europe?
I live in Sweden

Kody Olerud says:

My app doesn’t have the option to start my car. Just lights and locks… any idea why that is?


I tried doing that with my C7 but it keeps sending me to voicemail…I think it is seeing another driver….

John pan says:

hello my friend I am really sorry for that comment. I wrote that for someone else or I wanted to but I don’t know how it ends up here.My bad. I apologize.

Chuck Davis says:

I think that delay would infuriate me. But I didn’t know about this – so thanks!

Ahmad Al amoudi says:

This app just in Canada and u.s?

Oba Kodjo says:

My does this on his Vette too… It’s amazing.

MiNuSx31 says:

That app is nice…I need to make sure my next Vette has OnStar with this capability…

YoungBlaze says:

outbof curiosity. . did you used to do military work?

corvette72778 says:

why is tire pressure at 40?

William M Trexler says:

So I just have to steal your phone…lol…sounds like even a stupid hacker could have fun


Awesome video thanks for the shoutout I’ll make sure to return the favor in my next video

Youtube Championship says:

glad I followed you on instagram ….ccat

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