Cyberlink PowerDirector Mobile App Review [Android]

PowerDirector Mobile Video Editing App for Android
This is probably one of the best mobile video editors for android.
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Recently many of you who follow me in social media, and even here on YouTube have seen that I’ve been traveling a lot and producing and editing video on my smartphone.

Mobile video editing is something I know a lot of you struggle with and I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different ways to shoot and edit video on mobile devices, including my android Samsung Galaxy S7 and my iPhone 6s.

Cyberlink PowerDirector is one the best mobile video editing apps I’ve experienced so far. It has an easy and familar interface that lets me do real jump cuts and add music to the timeline. These are two of the most important features for YouTubers.

I was really impressed with how easy it is to use Power Director Mobile and how fast I was able to edit with it. The app is one of the easier mobile video editing tools to learn.

Smartphone video editing might feel like a pain but Cyberlink Power Director for Android can make it easier on you.








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2017 MY YOUTUBE SETUP (Affiliate)


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FTC Disclaimer: Cyberlink Power Director has sponsored this content via Famebit and provided a software download, all opinions however are my own.


Cheryl Coyote says:

So glad you did this review. I have PowerDirector but I rarely use it because I’ve evolved into a android-only videographer. My style has become spare and intimate, often with only talking-head one-shots. I never use a camera anymore. I use YouTube’s editing feature to string clips together so I still need to sit at my laptop, which I have come to loathe, and edit. This sounds like a great solution for me. xxoo

fazeena mansoor says:

Thank u so much Roberto,
tell me is this mobile app free or a trial version…?

Amino Taco says:

Hey Roberto. Very helpful advice. Keep up the good work! I am hoping to grow my channel. But I am still trying to get more comfortable in front of the camera. Any tips on that?

KloutKulture says:

Do you have 1 for comp editing programs

WarpSpeed says:

Nice! I wish I had android so I could use this.

Android Army says:

I’m watching you getting improved insanely fast…keep up the good work buddy…hats of

Wacky Wood Works says:

I use PowerDirector 14 Ultimate, ColorDirector 4 and AudioDirector 6, used together, the suite becomes (for its price range) very competitive and pretty powerful. As the apps talk to each other… all via PowerDirector.

For my music I create, I use FL Studio 12

I do have PhotoDirector 7 but I am so use to CorelDraw & CorelPaint I found it hard to change. (been using Corel since version 3 :-/)

elbitapmoC says:

New camera? It looks much crisper, i like it.

Turner's Tech Tips says:

I can’t upload my PowerDirector created videos to my YouTube channel. The upload button is greyed out after entering in my Title, Description and whether Public or Unlisted. I can find no answer for a fix anywhere. I paid for the full version. I also see nowhere in the app to link PD to my YouTube channel. My assumption would be that that would be the next step if I could click on the Upload button. Any idea how to fix this. I have the latest version on my Samsung Galaxy S7

This Little Critic says:

Just got my Android and im in love

Miguel Angel El Angel de la Salsa says:

Thanks for the review. Your channel is like going to school!

Ed Jonson says:

try KineMaster

Tamera Weeks says:

I’m currently using the free version of PowerDirector 12 on my laptop and I’m not loving it.

EverythingAndroid Ois says:

You are awesome!!!

Mike Downes says:

thanks for the video, i’m new to your channel so top work, i have subbed ..

NOS Physique says:

I’m so glad I am a subscriber, now I have one more reason to love your channel more!, Btw cyberlink power director rock!!

Ayda El says:

hi..i use the powerdirector app for android. I bought it for i think $5 or $6. i just want to ask u if you know how to add music in the background of a voice over? does it even have that option with the app??

Dan H says:

thx roberto

Bashar Sharaf says:

hi , thnaks for the video, i installed power director and paid for the full version , but it option of multilayer wont allow me to choose a video B Rol , mt mobile is samsung note 4

Curt .Magee says:

I just purchased the Power Director for my desktop on memorial day “big discout” it seems to be a pretty decent. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this product…Keep up the good work!

StormXShisui says:

ahhh OK I see what type of youtuber you are I’m subscribing rn tho

Keyverra says:

I use PowerDirector 13 to edit my videos, very user friendly.

imymejubilee says:

WE just need something for Windows phone.

JME says:

Big fan but why do u have to change ur screen saver in every vid.

Joshua Chopy says:

Love the SlickWraps skin!

Raymond Du Preez says:

Roberto if i have a private question for you where , where do you suggest i ask(what platform) ?

Dcencima says:

is it free as there is another one called filmora go on android which is free and is good for fb vids

iPenguin says:

Hey Roberto I love the tips 🙂 one bad thing that I used to do was sub for sub and I completely stopped. I only did this because I was putting in an incredible amount of effort into my videos but I wasn’t getting my name out there. Do you think my channel is ruined because I did this for a very short amount of time?? Thx-Penguin

John Sprunger says:

Hi Roberto, just found your channel. I’m a Computer Science student trying to get some graphic design skills. Specifically to do Web and Mobile design for future projects because well i’m terrible at it. Do you have any suggestions?

reg1167 says:

i use it on my phone and tablet. Quick and easy app to use.

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