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Hey, What’s Up Guys? Today We Take a Look at the DIRECTV App by DIRECTV, Inc.

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App Info

Seller | DIRECTV, Inc.

Price | Free

Version | 4.7.108

Size | 99.6 MB

Requires | IOS 9.0

Rated | 4+


Fernando Ramirez says:

did u download app to use

Dan Giavanni says:

Great review!

Edwin Diaz says:

I just had my DIRECTV installed few days ago but it doesn’t let me stream all the channels in my directv app like in your video. What do I need to do so I can stream all my channels not just a few

mister smith says:

The big question is, can you screen morror it to another TV away from home? If not, then it’s not worth the money.

Richard Cates says:

want to watch TV how do you do that ? Please help me.

Stroze says:

Nice video thank you

Saul Flores says:

Does DIRECTV charges to your account when you make your account.

That Way says:

How do I connect it to my Wii U?

PalmettoMoon says:

How do you set or control the resolution on the DirecTV app? My DVR box is hardwired to my modem and when I watch any recorded shows on any of my mobile devices,1080p device,720p device,the picture looks like 320p. It’s horrible! I can’t find an answer as to how to change the resolution on any mobile device. Please help! My modem download speeds are around 90mbps. I don’t get it???

Fernando Ramirez says:

but how did u do that

joe modz says:

Dircetv sucks

Marvell Williams says:

My guide time always wrong i can’t set it

Steve Burke says:

I bundled DirecTV & AT&T and lost the Ability to use my DirecTV app…. heartbroken

Nikkie Spain says:

what is an at& t age as code to sign into this app? I’m confused

John Davis says:

You need At&t service

PhD Twisted says:

Do you have to have AT&T to use Directv app?? Or can I still use it with Verizon

Henry JR says:

can I watch my recorded shows if I’m away from my house and away from my dvr? or can I only watch them if I’m near the dvr?

Big Boy70 says:

Great video, but I can’t figure out how control the volume from my mobile app remote.

Jeff Kimberlin says:

Thank you for the video. If you choose to download a show to your device, does it erase it from the dvr in your home?

3vino1 says:

Do direct tv subscribers have to pay extra to watch tv on iphone using directtv app?

Darrick Top of the Hit List says:

can you stream all the channels you pay outside your home network if you have a hr44

tyrone strip says:

Here’s my question if you look up say breaking bad does it charge you to watch on your phone

Shushana Galloway says:

I think you need a high speed internet from At&t

Fernando Ramirez says:

how u do that

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