Dropbox vs iCloud 2018 – Should you Switch?

Now that Dropbox is launching its IPO, we compare it to iCloud Drive. Is it finally time to jump ship to Apple’s cloud storage platform?

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Marquis Kurt says:

I’ve been a happy iCloud Drive user for a while now. The cheap 2TB plan is perfect for what I do, and I can finally sync my photos without relying on Google all the time. iWork for iCloud is also stunning and works well with my friends and classmates, even though we’re a G Suite school (only drawback is the load times, but that’s more of a network thing).

Agustín Cortés says:

Can someone please explain me what does it mean that DROPBOX is going PUBLIC?

Matheus Arid says:


Olivia smith says:

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Ronald Gajdusek says:

you can’t pass protect iCloud Drive, large drawback for me

Infinite Flight Photographer says:


Eric Ramirez says:

iCloud Drive takes so long to sync to the point that I don’t trust iCloud. I have lost entire versions of spreadsheets and there is no feature to restore previous versions. It’s much too vague of a file management system when I’m dealing with fairly extensive data

Cactus Tweeter says:

Andrew, I would go iCloud Drive 100% but I cannot share files using a link with iCloud like I can with dropbox.

robert Butcher says:

Is it possible to keep my Mac’s desktop in iCloud, but not have everything on my desktop in iCloud? I might want some games to show up on my desktop, but not in iCloud, for example.

Rose Flowers says:

For $10/month for the cheapest option, no thanks. I will use iCloud for .99/month

KosherWithoutBorders.com says:

GREAT, BUT: I was looking to know if I can share folders just like I do with dropbox. Would be great to have a video JUST for that, which is the main feature in Dropbox. Keep up the good work!

Danrex says:

I use drop box for work and iCloud for personal stuff. iCloud just feels like it’s a part of the OS

Francois Druel says:

Thanks for this interesting video. I used to use Dropbox a lot. iCloud has to be considered “compulsory” when using Apple eco-system… But after numerous tests and tries, I finally switched to a Nas (Synology in my case) and I have to admit that this solution is the best : very versatile and very powerful.

Jesus is coming says:

I don’t like how iCloud Drive takes up all the space on the hard drive. You should be able to make it not download everything.

Quang Anh Nguyễn says:

Ander from idb ???? Now on AppleInsider

vimanaboy says:

What about transfer speeds and selective sync? iCloud used to be dog slow compared to Dropbox… and selective sync is essential for not taking up too much limited HD space.

Software Network says:

I use both 🙂

Mohammed Shafei says:

If you use MS Office then 1TB from OneDrive with Office 365 for $6.99 a month is a no brainer.

projectmmwsfz says:

Omg the nasal tone… I really wanted to listen to what he has to say but it’s too hard for me to.

אסף ממן says:

you mentioned the option to save for offline access.. but how? thanks

EnemyofHK says:

what?? is iDB dead!?

logicalfundy says:

I moved mostly away from Dropbox some time ago – although being a PC user, I moved to OneDrive instead. iCloud is nice, but Apple isn’t great at integrating with Windows.

Allan Sh says:

Apple has surrendered their data to my gov’t. There is no way I can trust Apple now.

Phillip Sandra says:

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Dennis Berg says:

25,123 Mails?! really? 😀 I too use iCloud for personal stuff and dropbox for sharing with others especially across different platforms

nemu says:

Although iCloud and Dropbox are both cloud services, I don’t feel that iCloud makes it easy to access my files like Dropbox does on my iOS device. iCloud makes it easy to sync all my Apple-specific data (and then some from third parties) but Dropbox makes it much easier for me.

GoPro channel says:

This voice, i cant understand what u say!

Carlos Winkler says:

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Laurent L says:

iCloud has servers in CHINA… and they also rent space with Google…

Jon K says:

Unfortunately iCloud Drive is a nonstarter like iCloud email having no domain support for business. You cannot have a shared icloud drive and then a personal icloud/itunes account on your devices at the same time. It’s one account per device and obviously sharing 1 account for work and personal is not feasible into the personal setting. There is no way to set up a shared icloud drive, while Dropbox and Onedrive have no restrictions even at the free level that any user can download the app and log into the shared space. Apple doesnt seem interested in catering to small/large business customers for drive or email.

Vadim UK says:

Mate, you have awful nasty voice. Please do not coment anything in the future. You make everyone sick listening to your voice.

Alex Michael says:

I stop the video , can not listen this voice

K D says:

His voice is fine. I’m here for the information not an American Idol competition. Stop being so harsh.

Stella says:

iCloud is utter wank!!
You cannot treat it as storage, it won’t let you drop “folders” onto it.
You can only drop SINGLE files, i.e… PDF, MP4.
All other storage is optimised i.e… used for synicing. You cannot drop your external HD content onto iCloud.com – It doesn’t work like that.

채명식 says:

what is name of the app at 10:40???

DrMacintosh says:

I use iCloud Drive a lot. Seems to be the best option with all the tight integration between personal devices.

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