Five of the Best Email Apps on iOS for 2019

Email apps are a popular App Store category for one simple reason – almost all of us need to access email on our iPhones and iPads. While Apple has its own Mail app built into iOS devices, some people want a more feature rich experience.

Luckily there are plenty of developers out there who are trying to create the perfect iOS inbox, but it’s hard to sort through the dozens of email apps available. We dove into the App Store in our latest YouTube video and rounded up five of the best email apps on iOS for 2019

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Edison –


Keegan Goerz says:

My biggest concern with third party email applications has to do with data mining

Josh Yates says:

Does Edison have a Mac counterpart?

Nathaniel Rosen says:

My one issue with Spark is that when I add my gmail, iCloud, and work email it gets way too cluttered especially in the Smart Inbox. If I could group two email accounts together (my personal gmail and iCloud) that would be awesome.

Edison is my current client, one issue I have is that the package tracking is really delayed or simply doesn’t pick up that I have a package.

Mike Kern says:

The built in iOS Mail app needs a complete overhaul. Marketing fluff like unified Inbox and group messaging is just that, fluff. 

Mail is the root or the hub of the conversation. It’s also contacts, dates, places, notes & files. Mail should seamlessly and flawlessly tie in to ALL those things with end users ease. I should be able to see all mail messages received while in my Calendar app (either received, by due date, for an appointment, etc). I should be able to link notes or comments relating to a mail message in Notes. I should be able to tag contacts in a mail message, so when I’m in contacts I can filter by the people who I’m working with on a series of mail messages. I should be able to tag a location within a mail message so when I’m in Maps, I have all the messages related to that location.

ALL current Mail apps are SO limited & shame on the Apple & the developers for the lack of creativity.

Kevin says:

I’ve pretty much tried them all. My favorite was Spark. However, my issue is the lack of an iOS mail VIP like separate mailbox. I heavily relay on VIP mailbox for my work and that’s pretty much the only thing that is keeping me on the iOS app, and of course the custom notifications you can set for vips. I tried a sort of workaround on Spark playing around with the custom mailbox settings, but it didn’t cut it for me. I would hope Spark adds this feature, they can call it whatever they want; favorites, smart contacts, etc. I just want the functionality the feature brings.

Denys Zhadanov says:

Thank you for mentioning our Spark! I hope you guys like it. Are you using Team functionality by any chance?

Connor Gleason says:

Seeing as nobody mentioned it yet Outlook should be on the list.

Peter Smyth says:

What is the business model of the free apps?

Keith Howells says:


Mark D says:

Just downloaded Edison, and I’m looking forward to giving a try.

CaliforniaMISC says:

Use protonmail for privacy, many apps scan your emails to target you ads

Sahil Arora says:

Been using spark for a few years now… it gets better and better and I’ve tried to with to others like gmail and outlook but I always come back to spark and the Mac app is the clincher… to be honest the main reason I’ve never switched to android (and I’ve been tempted and wanted to) has been spark. I can’t live without email and spark makes it easier to deal with Emmy 150+ mails per day.

You don’t mention it’s quick reply system that I use ALOT and it’s probably the main reason I’m sticking with spark.

NicolSD says:

I believe Outlook deserves a place in that list.

Gabriel Klein says:

Great vid

Keep Productive says:

Great selection Dan!

Friday Apple says:

Not mentioning Outlook is a mistake

Ian R says:

What about security? I dropped one of these apps after I discovered that their servers access my mail server in order to deliver notifications – that’s a definite no no for me.

LastStarfighterAJ says:

Do any of these support HTML signatures? I want an app to keep my work email away from having control of my device (so not the stock mail app) but allows HTML signature (so not Outlook)

Lochie Battersby says:

Can you do another one with only free email apps

Stuart McKever says:

I’ve used Outlook for 6 years now and have no intention of changing. Very surprised you didn’t include it in your list.

Dan George says:

What’s that (physical desktop) keyboard you’re using?

Dan Pandrea says:

I have a PC and an Android phone at work. I’m a Mac and iPhone user. Outlook is the only mail app working on all 4 platforms. It looks great, it has several services integration and the recent user interface update is really good. I can’t recommend it enough for users in my situation.

mohamed jallad says:

The best feature in email by Edison is drag dot to mark as read, very satisfying 🙂

Daniel Dluzhnevsky says:

Airmail <3

Arash Taji says:

I’ve used quite a few iOS email apps, and at the end of the day I keep going back to the stock mail app. Works brilliantly, and allows you to mark up pdf documents by pressing and holding the pdf icon. None of the other mail apps offer this. Also it offers split screen support on the iPad. Can’t go wrong with the stock mail app!!

Harvey Specter says:

I wished, that I can replaced an Apple app through an 3rd party app like spark. Sometimes you need the “original app” :/

Keita Tsutsumi says:

Also everyone should check out

Third party email apps are known for privacy violations.

Keita Tsutsumi says:

How do people like the outlook app so much, it’s so lacking in features

Logan Barbera says:


Elias da Conceição says:

Where’s the Outlook app?!

coachU2 says:

Outlook is the best client on iOS. Multiple accounts, in-app calendar and cloud storage services integration for quick attachments. Oh, and it’s 100% free.

Oliver Bose says:

I tried so many E-Mail apps since 2008. As long as we can’t change our default E-Mail app on iOS for me no alternative makes sense.

Ramon Figueroa says:

I used newton for years. They stopped supporting the app…. haven’t looked for a replacement… any suggestions ?

Ryan Turner says:

I’m sorry if this has been asked before… but what about multiple email accounts? That is my biggest issue with most email clients. I would like to use one email app to do all of them but I haven’t found one that does it well enough. Being able to easily see and switch between email accounts. I have a microsoft email, 2 gmails, a yahoo, and probably a one or 2 more that i am forgetting. the microsoft and one of the gmails are my main 2. thanks for info and suggestions. I am actually going to try the top 2 email apps on this list.

SainiSaab says:

The best email app is Outlook hands down, second best is Spark.

Krishna Mamunuru says:

We can’t use Edison, you know the scandal about that right? They are reading all your mails and making employees read our mails it was huge scandal

yird says:

If you have any privacy concerns dont use Spark or any of these third party apps, use the default Mail app.

Jorge Riquelme Vargas says:

I saw that Outlook wasn’t on the list and I stopped watching.

sean says:

Edison is the BEST email app! Amazing UI and it has an awesome assistant. The ship tracker and account security is amazing!

Manmit Shrimali says:

You should try missive app. It blows other app.

Sebastian Danielewicz says:

Newton Mail is back in the app store!

patrick jackson says:

Inbox by gmail is still the best email client ever.

pam oakes says:

Love Edison Mail!

Tsimpy says:

neither, these are not email clients, they simply help organize them

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