Google Pixel 2 Review: This Thing is Smart!

Do Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have what it takes to be the best smartphones of the year?

Pixel 2 Unboxing:
Top 5 Android 8.0 Features:

Reddit on the display:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Liquid Spirit (20syl Remix)


Phone provided by Google for review.


Joyal Patel says:

Which widget have you used in the 2nd page??

Style Agario says:

he watches pewdiepie

David I Quiroz says:

This or the Razer?

D'Vac Munroe says:

Say, “On point”.. One more time!

ProGamer says:

Lmfao at the pic you Tweeted

DestinyGetsBored says:

Is the display coloring thing the XL only? I got a little confused.

Noah Fox says:

MKB240p…… brilliant

Awesome Vines says:

Kapesti ki maa ki chut

Don Johnson says:

I like the Google Pixel (my mother has it), but can you please do a comparison involving the Google Pixel 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S8?

Liquid Pixels says:

The Google Pixel 2XL currently costs 1290 euro in Romania.
Fuck. That.

Dragon Ball Naruto says:

Any one help me out with the speakers in the pixel . My lower speaker has distortion. It’s kinda disappointing

christopher dougherty says:

I wasn’t going to get one but I caved and got the panda black and white, I hope nova launcher runs well on it cause I use nova on every Android device I have

SID96 Anoymous says:

Who knew how intelligent this phone is for only $649 (Pixel 2) and $849 (Pixel 2 XL), and they both support the same features of each other.

Kazoo Kid says:

Anyone else having a weird problem with their pixel when ever you call someone and phone locks it self when you put it up to your ear?

Hannity Green says:

I am getting the phone today l

dat boi says:

Guys what’s the best phone for filmmaking?

Patrick Presley says:

Dial – 1844-353-5969 toll free to get instant support from our technical experts.

Azee Swaleheen says:

There might not be a headphone jack but you are supplied with a USB C converter socket plug that allows you to connect to headphones, its one less thing to go wrong. I am not bothered with cheap supplied headphones and most people are getting Bluetooth wireless headphones with noise cancellation, with super quality premium price, then there are the new Ear Buds to speak as well as listen without wires. Aldi shops selling then at 40$ Australian a set.
Connection to headphones can also be made via Bluetooth or WiFi. You have got to remember that there are a lot of features that aren’t described.

Scott Karrasch says:

you activated my google.

Julius Benedict Delfino Foronda says:

Just commenting because the part you say “Okay Google” activated Google assistant on my phone. Guess I should set up my trusted voices. lol

McKracken says:

My display only shows sRGB, so when you compared the images they just looked exactly the same. Lol

Awesome Vines says:

Kapesti ki maa ki chut

Shreya Sharma says:

I don’t know if someone pointed it out, I think you just mistakenly said iPhone has IP68 rating but it’s IP67 for iPhones and IP68 for similar Samsung phones.

max kendall says:

When he said ok google it activated mine

Ezequiel Lopez says:

The pixel 2 is hella good but that audio on videos is garbage

Viktor Hill says:

Is Pixel 3 coming out this year??

shygamer 57 says:

Well no headphones jack but does it still work with Bluetooth ear buds

ryan anthony says:

“turn on all alarms”… Not that smart pixel 2 ..

Alexey Souvorkin says:

Have to disagree with “the fingerprint reader is on the back where it should be”.
Half the time my phone rests on the table, fingerprint on power button is easier that picking it up, unlocking only to put it down once finished, i can’t see any such disadvantaged with a side power button finger reader.

Joe Freiburger says:

That was one of the best reviews I’ve ever seen. Great job with all of the details.

Josh Comfort says:

If all of these goddamn phone companies keep releasing phones without headphone jacks..Im probably never going to upgrade again.

What is with this stupid trend?

Pew Light says:

This phone or iphone 8 plus ?

Pep Sus says:


gou wang says:


desaiankit145 says:

just wanted to let u know .. bought the pixel2 after watching this video and absolutely loving it..thanks man.

Destrozrome says:

Instant like for pewds

Jauhar Shahbaz says:

Man! Just give me some link of the wallpaper you use. Those are dope!!

Izzam Azmei says:

no doubt you are the best tech reviewer on YT. keep up the good work Marques!

Zach White says:

Not sure why I’m watching Google pixel 2xl reviews on my Google pixel 2xl lol

Sebastián Cantarelli says:

Great review. Honesty is a must for us looking for an opinion.
Thanks man.

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