Google Voice Finally Gets an Update – App Review

It’s been a LONG time coming, but Google Voice users can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Not only is Voice not getting scrapped, but it’s getting a major redesign with some long awaited new features. Here’s a quick tour through the app which supports the only phone number you’ll ever need!


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Richard Benoit says:

So basically nothing really note worthy to mention…

Time Freedom Mastermind says:

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make calls from my phone app and cannot figure out how to do it. The only way I can figure out how to make calls from the computer is by clicking the “Legacy Google Voice” button that makes it go back to the old appearance prior to the update. Do you know how to dial out from the computer since the update?

416Photography / kidind6 says:

What kind / brand of stylus you used in this video?

Kozmikōcēlōtl says:

Ok so I am trying to use this with an old phone I have. I don’t want my Google number to be connected with my carrier number. I can’t seem to make calls with the Google voice app the same way I easily can with hangouts and the hangouts dialer. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Jim Packer says:

New interface is lacking in some areas, which you must revert to the “Legacy Google Voice” interface. Hopefully those features will migrate over to the new interface in due time. But at least the Legacy version remains to accomplish what the new version is lacking.

Pacific Tradewinds Hostel says:

Anyone know why Google contacts do not automatically sync with Google voice? Seems like I should be able to type someone’s name in GV and have it autocomplete from my contacts. It doesn’t. So I have to find the person in my phone contacts and then click through to GV to use it.

sillysallyalli says:

how do you record a greeting for your voicemail on your account? The instructions on line are not relevant to this new set up. Thanks!

1IAMUSER says:

OK how do I get GV to take incoming calls? Sending phone gets the ring tell VM picks up then moments later the income phone gets the VM without ringing. Can call out just no incoming calls. Most videos I see up are back in the 2015 – 2013s. Same for Google Forums.

james frankino says:

is there a means of setting a different ringtone for google voice on iphone 7?

bigdogreilly says:

so may i ask a question can you download the app on your phone or on any device ,like a tablet or something like that will the web page update

Juan Rivera says:

OK Google is all I need to use features on my phone through voice and have no problem what so ever with it. I can call, set appointments, send text, do maps, open browsers.

mastersimonsays says:

how did u get the updated google voice app? Play store says mine is up to date but it still looks like the old one. I’m on a 1+1 running marshmallow

Pete Puebla says:

I’m excited too. It’s about time they did an update.

NC Vman says:

How to delete text now? All it say is archive. Scary!

Melissa McClusky says:

How do you leave a personalized greeting on Google Voice now? I haven’t had Google Voice for years now, but decided that I needed it again, but I can’t seem to figure that out.

JoeJoe Graz says:

Why the redundancy?? So now it seems NEW Google Voice has everything Hangouts has and more. If that’s the case, why not just remove Hangouts from your portable devices and PC and use the NEW Google Voice? Anyone?

Bulalo - says:

Where can I buy that stylus? Also, will it scratch screens without Corning Gorilla Glass?

hapwn says:

Why can’t u make calls off of GV and why can’t u text now in HO?!

Terri Repetto says:

May have answered this, but too many comments to read…I had a droid with my PA phone # and a CA google voice # forwarded to it. When calling out, it would ask me with each call which number I wanted to call from….Now I have an iphone7 and it doesn’t ask me that. I really need to be able to use both choices for work. How can I fix this on my new phone? I can’t seem to change anything in settings?

Nelson Matthew Nailat says:

Did you mention group MMS? Not sure if I caught that.

EL says:

I used to be able to place a call from my computer, i don’t see that option anymore.

Steve G says:

I love Voice – Use it as my business number – It’s a VOIP number for cryin’ out loud, Works great!

JoeyBobC says:

I’ve had Google Voice for over 6 years now, but I almost never use it because it required using your carrier minutes for calls, which kinda defeated the purpose. I’m wondering if the updated version now allows calling through WiFi or mobile data ?

Patrick says:

How is this better than Hangouts now?

Omar Sanes says:

how do we delete messages?

Cameron Rich says:

I currently carry two phones, a Project Fi for personal and Verizon for work. I am tired of carrying two phones, and want to move my Project Fi to Google Voice. What’s the cons of doing this? I heard hangouts soon won’t let you use as an SMS app with anyone other than Project Fi. Not sure how good MMS/SMS will work on Google Voice?

blueskyes99 says:

This is completely confusing. I’ve had Google Voice on my PC for years. Somewhere along the way I vaguely remember getting it integrated with Hangouts, so that I now have the capability for both on my PC and often make calls from gmail.

On my android, I have only the Hangouts app and the Hangouts dialer. Why would I also need a Google Voice app, when Hangouts provides incoming and outgoing calls just like Google Voice?

What I’m trying to figure out is how to set up either (or both) of them to also ring my cell phone when I have no internet connection. But I want unanswered GV/Hangouts calls to go to GV/Hangouts voicemail since I do not have (and don’t want to have) voicemail set up on my cell phone though my mobile carrier. Any directions would be appreciated!

iTz D Say says:

I am looking for something that I can answer my cell from the pc and talk through headset without picking up my cell is this it?

Johnna Locke says:

So I had Google Voice for years some how I started getting telemarketing calls wanted to change my number but they wanted to charge me $10.00 to do that WTF Is that all about why when I have no controls over that.. I can see if I changed out ever week but really I had the same number for a few years

Doctor Shred says:

And you forgot the most important thing, how to make a call. Because it’s called Google Voice

Mohamed Ihab Talaat says:

is there a way to download and install earlier. also, why no one is covering the middle tab where it seems like you can place VOIP calls directly from Google Voice, which is pretty hot and would cut the cord from Hangouts.

Josie Advogirl Kennedy says:

How do I add my own personal message?

David Mosca says:

I received the new update, but still unable to receive MMS or Group texts (still go directly to factory installed messaging app). Any advice?

HackingJack says:

are you using the google flex?

Rocky Calabrese says:

Juan Magnum!!! Love it. BTW, I always thought the way you say your name sounds like “One Carlos Bagnell”

Paul Pinella says:

Great video, so the new app (which hasn’t show up for me yet natch) properly handles SMS and MMS. Cool. So why would the average Joe continue to use Hangouts? I’m not on the “corporate track,” whatever that means Google.

Mister X says:

I’ve been using google voice for years. Still using it today. It’s very convient and I can’t do without it.

freddywayne says:

I’ve been using Google Voice for nearly 10 years now.

Jolteron says:

i stopped using Google hangouts because callers started getting a message saying “we could not complete your call. Please try again.” Neither Verizon nor Google were of very much help so I had no choice but to revert to Verizon’s voicemail

biscuitownz says:

Anyone actually get the update yet through the playstore?


How do u get the new Google Voice app? I have not seen the Play Store show it yet. I’m still using my old Google Voice.

not disclosed says:

Great… it’s been “upgraded” so much that I have to come here to ask if anyone knows how to make a call from my computer. The old google voice had a clear CALL box & CONNECT button. Now what do I do?

ematthews0483 says:

How the hell do you record a fucking voicemail? I used Googlevoice to set up a business phone number and every direction or link leads to outdated instructions.

Kristin Blevins says:

Can you schedule texts with this service?

Alexa Lou says:

Just got GV for business purposes. I use on my cell phone for all my calls. I want to be able to differentiate my outbound calls to friends/family and for business. For friends/family I want it to show my personal # for outbound calls and for business my GV # when I make an outbound call. Currently all outbound calls show my GV #. Anyone know how to change this? I don’t see an option in settings.

Akes3 says:

How do you delete text messages?

*Matthew Noneya* says:

I use my Google voice number as my main number and make calls with it on my data. I use Google voice though Hangouts and only check the voice app… never.

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