How to setup a Android phone to make and receive free calls, text and voice mail

How to setup a android phone so that it has a dedicated number that you can call text and get voice mail on with out paying anything for it. All this is done over wifi with a gmail account. see below

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Link to my site with the setup instructions.
While you are here please check out the rest of the site. i have been working hard on it.

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How to install Android Device drivers
Why Root Android devices video
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Warning… do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for what you do to your device.
I am happy to help with any problems my subscribers are having on their android devices. I am going to need lots of info from you to be able to help. Because of the large amount of messages I get every day I will not answer any questions that do not include this info in the message thanks for understanding. 1. What device you have. 2. What android version you are running. 3. What rom stock or custom rom / build number in about phone. 4. What you have done to the device. 5. Recovery stock, TWRP. CWM . With this info I will be able to help. 


Elvis Baker says:

Hello have checked out ur website love itaint got no sim card,gotta sd card on my zte android,guess it,ll do the same thing as i,m looking to use it for free calls texting,etc

Joni Orbin says:


Marc Bolding says:

Do a have a vid showing how you set up apps to receive calls. You made mention of it be didn’t show how you could do it.

e zhu says:

does is have to be the same gmail account

Mi Chan says:

I have a phone number but no one can call it

Vipe_Droid_Tech says:

Now I can get my sim’s puk without using any of my family members phones.

Red International says:

I want sell unlimited google voice account

Master Chevvy says:

Does this work in North Korea?

lostintime86 says:

nope. did bot work. can’t find the screen with th hangouts choice

AGLO.Products&Service-Angel L Garcia Lopez says:

You need to put camera close to your phone. I don’t see nothing is to far away.

Sotha Kem says:

Mine doesn’t work, when I make a call,I got an error message”Unexpected account registration error please try again” can you or some one help me with this problem.

Vishnu Bhagat says:

In India it’s not working showing some domain error

Steve Steverson says:

1:54 before he even gets to the point. YW….

FloatBoat says:

Omg thanks 🙂

black ghost says:


Ouzan says:

how about Canada?

fan freak says:

It be cool if i was stranded somewhere that had no wifi but have a line for free this world is semi messed up

Fusion Pieri says:

will this work now 07/03/2018 ?

James Dennett says:


Scott Davidson says:

I can make calls out so it works.

Supreme Kevin says:

Doing it on my tablet

Saheed Eniafe says:

Hi, would it call international

Scarlett Universe says:

Thank you, subscribed. Any recommended sourcing methods for getting a phone for this, like ebay etc? I imagine there are potential deals out there.

Thom McHugh says:

3 yrs and I can’t download it?? Still working I guess. LOL

Rafael Mendoza says:

I no longer waste money on a phone bill thank you!

Sweet Pea says:

Can I use a Samsung Galaxy s2 Epic with 2.3 Gingerbread? I ask, because the hangout app stated that I need an operating system of 4.0 or higher. If so, can I update this s2 to lollipop or does it matter?I live in the wilderness with unlimited wifi, but no cell phone works at all out here and lol, it is scary with no phone at all! Any information is appreciated!!!!!!

Elvis Baker says:

hey root gotta bit of a problem with groove i p,got google voice up n running on my pc but when i put in my email address and password on groove ip it says i need a code,theres no carrier what so ever on my zte,all i have for connection is wifi,like i said i need a code to up n run on groove ip

Red International says:

Hello… I want to sell google voice account

LC Rey says: can this work on phone with a sim card?

patrick Hill says:

phone of a true con artist

Oh No You Didn't says:

Why am I watching this? I am way over the top awkward when calling or texting or voicemails

Stefan Pedersen says:

cant get it to ring. Phone calls go strait to voicemail on my phone yet ring on my pc. This is so annoying cant find any solution that works.

Kid Bardock says:

Fucking amazing THABK U

katie walker says:

I will follow and like if it works

Megan Todd says:

I believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Risen Christ and the Sonne of the Living God and the onely True Saviour and there is no other. And Jesus of Nazareth is the Living God The God of Israel.

Elvis Baker says:

root what do you do with a zte n680 with no connection but wifi,its n old phone but i like it alot,tried google hangouts but it doesnt work,gotta google voice account with phone number,i also wanna text on my cell but i cant,or the only other way i can do it is maybe change the operating system if i can or do you no a way,suggestions please

Owen Barton says:

There is no google voice I looked for Google voice and voice and I did not find it

Kite Runner says:

‘He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts.’

Matthew Albright says:

You can skip the 2 minute intro.

D&J Gaming says:

just use hangouts.

subhankar deysarkar says:

Can I received calls of my private sim’s number in the app ?

fernanfloo flores says:


Wellness and Style says:

Still not working in CAnada right? :/

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