How To Use The iPhone eMail App – Full Tutorial

Full tutorial on how to use the iPhone email app. This also refers to the iOS mail app on the iPad and iPod Touch as well. I will walk you through setting up the iPhone mail app, adding attachments, sending emails and walking you through everything you need to know.

Full How To Use The iPhone 5c/5s Series

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Mockbaboy says:

Is there a way to quickly look up attachments in mail conversation?

F. Plagnes says:

hi, nice to see that you take your time to show also simple things for absolute beginners. I am advanced, but never used a Iphone… I thought that I had to set up my mail by opening the mail app and find my way. Why, THAT should be obvious? So I am amazed to see it has to be done in settings instead. Strange guys, these iphone guys. I use Gmail app on this Iphone, but had to use the native mail app also to be able to incorporate my old contacts using a vcf file. Clicking on the vcf file in the Gmail app did do nothing, but it worked in the native mail app, as is explained in many places on the web.

Lenita lobo says:

hello! i really needed your help so you could help me out mail a recording from the voice memo. i have an iphone 4s with ios 8… plesee hlep as soon as possible..

james gingo says:

I have had enough of My Baltimore Cousin Barbara Lynn Not Responding to Emails Because She was upset with me for sending her too many emails. I didn’t think you could Block someone from Emailing

Kumara Kugan says:

How to unarchive an archived email?

GadgetView says:

Can i change font color while writing the email?

Angelo Ricciardi says:

Great video, thanks….. well, do you suggest to use email app instaed of gmail app for gmail? did you make a video for gmail app as well? how can attach a pdf file or any file that are not photo or video? can setup the imap with email app?

Pylon says:

What does the delete account button do? Does it delete it on your mail app or from existence?

Miranda Crawford says:

Can I put my school account on there? It’s a gmail account. 🙂

Moh says:

If I send an email but then I delete it from my sent will it delete from the persons device that I sent it to

Miranda Crawford says:

Thank you! That was an awesome tutorial! When you make a gmail account on it, does it have your profile picture and backround wallpaper? Thanks!

Guy says:

Great video thank you!

Juda Clay says:

I need help! How can I download an app on my phone that someone has sent me through gmail

Henry Gee says:

Mr. Dan,
Good tutorial, covered a lot of area, but one in particular requires some follow up.  With regards to archiving your email, you did not go over how to retrieve emails that have been archived.

Pedro Rodriguez says:

-hi- *hi*

Leather Waffle says:

What do you do if you already have an account and it still says to add an account

isidro munoz says:

How can you add multiple emails like a yahoo account and gmail

Muhammed Shaheen says:

Thank you so much for the tutorial. I really appreciate.
Thank you again.

Tonino 8 says:

hey, DHTV, my problem is that I have my email account and suddenly , it doesn’t open up when I click on the mail icon on my screen , why?

Sharifur Pervez says:


Анна Золотова says:

Thank you very much. i had no idea how to send a file via email on Iphone 5 and I’m very glad I do now.

Saeideh Kamrani says:

It was wonderful, thank you

Kim Houy says:

It say to me when I go in the mak it say enter password for yahoo and I did enter my pass and it kept came up

Mustafizur Rahman says:

Can I create rules that specific person mail automatically goes to specific folder

Kay Kaye says:

Dan, I was disappointed that I watched this whole video only to see that you embedded the pic or video INTO the email and didn’t actually attach it to the email so the recipient could download it. They are getting the email via their PC, an older model at that. I am sending it via iPhone as a .pdf. I already know how to tap the screen and insert it into the email. I want to ATTACH an existing .pdf document to the email I am sending. How is that done? Each time I sent it via the way you showed, the screen showed up as a placement code and not a download box or the image.

dl lome says:

How do I record calls on my 5c iphone?



BengalSW says:

So how can I unflag Youtube from mail app?

Albert Richard says:

Thank you !
I have a prblm that i delete the app of mail with tweak in cydia ! Now i want it back,plz help me

glidetrix says:

Hi Dan,
I just would love for you to go over the email address book details. I set mine up using first names, but when I go to adding the addresses to an email, it gives me the names in every possible permutation: first name, middle initial, last name (so I get redundant tries at adding their names more than once!). I also cannot seem to delete anyone from the address book / contact list, it has even added email addresses from Facebook friends I don’t email. Whenever I try to delete a duplicated email (ie additional listing with Facebook email address), it won’t allow it and adds an additional duplicate listing! My old crackberry had a better email address book than this thing (iPhone 5s). I am so frustrated with this email debacle, perhaps you could do a video on how to edit and delete email and contacts from the phone?

FUT94VIDAL says:


Jerry Bontilao says:

Thanks’s awesome…technically helpful.

J's Simple Crafts says:

Is it possible to log into an another account? An old one not a new one?

12033552 says:

Hey dan do u collect anything? Do you know a good collection manager for ios?

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