Inbox by Gmail App Review

Beau HD reviews the new Google Inbox app created by the Gmail team. Inbox is a completely new way to view and manage your emails. It bundles all of your emails into various categories to keep things organized and it highlights the important bits of info and puts it up front so that you don’t have to search the entire email to find the info you’re looking for. Whether it’s order updates, flight statuses, reservation details or reminders, Inbox will allow you to get things done at a glance.

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Prasad Santhaguru says:

I would like to get invite, toprasadz

John Gao says:

Why doesn’t Inbox support Microsoft Exchange?
Why doesn’t MailBox?

ᴹᴬᴿᴷ says:

I’ll take one

Stefano Salvati says:

It might a stupid question, but can I also use it for my Exchange mail.?



Previn Vin says:

My phone detected when he said OK google..

Ajayi Olugbenga Daniel says:

Why are you reviewing an app that’s earliest stage beta

like beta before the beta ???

Riadh F says:

Can somebody send me an invitation please:'(

mdsobuj khan says:

Mdsobuj Khan shear with president Barak Obama

Tyrone Ramsey says:

Hello if someone has an extra invite I’ll be very thankful my email is thanks in advance. Your awesome

Yurii222 says:

please give me invite

RZetlin says:

So it is nothing but a fancy junk filter.

Rene Reiter says:

Please invite me for google inbox 🙂

Jermaine Eghan says:

I’ve had it for about two weeks and it has replaced all other email accounts, it truly is the next version of g mail

Rick Serrano says:

Wow looks good. Can’t wait to try it

Mrs Williams says:

Enjoyed the review, thanks:-)

Brandon Harrelson says:

Just got my invite today, still messing around with it. Is there no “mark all as read” feature or am I missing something? Other than that, I like it so far.

Faramarz Shirazi says:

Tot bad that you can not put another exchange e-mail on ik.

iMikeTech says:

It looks ok but just looks like there is too much going on for it to be email.. I’d have to get my hands on it to really see how I like it.

723Ck says:

Kinda works pretty slow on my nexus 4 🙁

Tiir Rumibul says:

What phone is the sony that was used?

Ebel Weelinck says:

What keyboard are yo using?

tony lansky says:

Shit looks confusing! Whole lot of stuff going on

bigmanolo26 says:

Is the gmail app gonna be upgraded and updated to the inbox app like they with Google talk turning it into hangouts? Or is it gonna be 2 sepreate apps gmail and inbox

Nathan Roberts says:

Google and their damn invites.

Tedi Tamo says:

Where’s Aaron?

TheBattersby says:

What wallpaper was it on your monitor behind the phone?

patthemaniacful says:

Why steal MKHD’s opener? Phone dog is getting lame. Get your own swag loser

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