iOS 4 Features: New Mail App (Review)

iOS 4 offers over 100 new features. Here is a description and demo of one of major new features, the new Mail app. Mail gets some attention in the way of a unified inbox. This allows users to see all email from all inboxes on the iPhone in one screen. Also added, you can setup more than one exchange account to the phone, which is really cool for people looking to use Google Sync with multiple Gmail accounts or Exchange and Gmail w/ Sync. Also added is a new organize by thread feature, and an ability to open attachments with an app of choosing. Finally, our biggest gripe, Mail now offers fast inbox switching to get between account inboxes easier/faster.

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iOS 4 is a free upgrade for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G, and iPod Touch 3G. An update for the iPad is expected this fall.


drumstyx6464 says:

I notice you have a “YouTube” email account. Is this an account that you have for people from youtube to message you? Or is that your actual YouTube inbox?

Mspain44 says:

nice review thank you

DudeFromUkraine says:


Mike Flaminio says:

@123ipodsrules Thx!

drumstyx6464 says:

so it’s released tomorrow, am i to assume 12am PST?

Debxter says:

Looks good, can’t wait to play around with this new OS.

Yo Lo says:

i didn’t know u were a developer :/

Mike Flaminio says:

@BDogbz Thanks iPhone 4, 3GS, and iPhone 3G (w/ limited features), and the iPod Touch 2G (w/ limited) and 3G. The iPad is this fall sometime.

Kishi Talati says:

Thanks..nice review

Mike Flaminio says:

@drumstyx6464 no, that’s jus the label of email account

zachzoo5 says:

Hey this is the 22nd comment on this video! 22 is my lucky number!

BDogbz says:

Great video Mike! Ha, I saw my name. Hey, quick question: its IOS4 going to be released universally for all I devices? Or just for the Iphone and Ipod touch?

Allegra Acosta says:

How do u have this feature already??

xxXaiderxx says:

I hate that the standard iphone mail app doesn’t sync the e-mails, so if I read a e-mail on my iphone, that e-mail is still unread on my computer 🙁

Mike Flaminio says:

@drumstyx6464 some time Monday. No one knows the exact time.

Mike Flaminio says:

@IYIySTiiKv1 Sometimes I do that when recording so nothing goes off.

IYIySTiiKv1 says:

why airplane mode??

Mike Flaminio says:

@XN2505 yup

Mark Cohen says:

when is thei available?

Jose Ramirez (Pochoco) says:

Thanks, nice review!

zachzoo5 says:

Well, iOS 4 comes out tomorrow. We don’t have much to wait on. Mike paid $99 for a beta version and he only would have had to wait about another week. But i’m glad he’s giving these previews.

Mike Flaminio says:

@Edub2012 I’m planning videos for most of the week.

Lee Preston says:

I have downloaded ios 4 on my iPhone 3GS but I still have the old email app and not the new one can any one help me.

Peter Johnson says:

@xxXaiderxx if you use Google mail you can set your iphone to sync to that, then you wont have the problem (you need to also use iMAP for sync to your PC though- not POP 3- or access mail on the web)

solubleapps says:

Its still missing the ability to email a bunch of people at once- but now MailShot (on the App Store) can do this for you. or see the video on You Tube

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