[iOS Advice] How To Send Group Emails With The Mail App

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Surprisingly, iOS has always lacked the ability to send emails to large groups of people. This feature could really come in handy in many different situations, but unfortunately it’s not something that is currently available through the Mail app’s default options.

Luckily, there’s a neat workaround that will allow you to create an email group. This will enable you to send a message to multiple email addresses at once.

To create an email group, watch the video for a detailed overview or follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Notes app on your device and create a new note. Within this note you will need to make a list of comma-separated addresses using the format in the video.

Continue the pattern above until you’ve entered all of the email addresses for your mailing list. Tap on the screen and choose “Select All,” then tap on “Copy.”

Step 2: Now we need to create a new contact. Open the Phone or Contacts app on your device and tap on the plus sign in the top right corner.

Step 3: Type in a name for your email group on the contact card. Scroll down to the “Email” box within the contact and tap on it twice. This should invoke a “Paste” button to appear slightly above the box. Tap on Paste, then press Done in the top right corner.

Step 4: You’ve now successfully created an email group. To test the group, exit to the home screen and open the Mail app. Create a new email using the button in the bottom right corner, then in the “To” section type in the name of your email group. Select the name of your group, continue composing your message, and then send it.

Your email will be delivered to all of the addresses you’ve pasted into the contact card. For more help with creating an email group, use the video as a visual reference.


invalidalpha says:

So EXTREMELY useful, how does this not have more hits?????

Chris Espinoza says:

Doesn’t work in iOS 10.3.1

debbieknits123 says:

thanks. But, where is my contact list in my mail account? I need to make some changes.

sahil malik says:

Thanks for the help 😉

Marc Walther says:

Thanks Dom, very helpful for the group emails. Greatly appreciated.

Alex Davis says:

I am doing the same but when I go inside mail I type the group name the group is appearing but inside the group only one mail Id is showing but it contains 3 mail id

Jack Fabros says:


earlbee31 says:

Awesome _

martindelcam says:

Thanks for the tip!
Do you have to put the Name before the bracket and email address or can you just use the brackets and email addresses?

Peter John Valmorida says:

great! thanks

Lauri Uhland says:

This did not work when I tried to send the email. The message said that” Dom1″ does not appear to be a valid email address. Do you want to send it anyway? I sent it and now I have a message that says that it is in my outbox because Dom1 was rejected by the server.

ZiOPiNO says:


Derek Westen says:

HI: Although this works, I always get an alert that iOS7 stating”Invalid Address [list of the string] does not appear to be a valid email address”. I can send it anyway, but am surprised that you don’t get that alert (in your video). Am I doing something wrong? I have all the addresses strung together, separated by commas, and no spaces. Thanks!

Ali Hajinasiri says:

Nice one mate!

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