Is this the best email client around?

For those of you missing Mailbox, Newton is the answer.

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Alchemistake says:

my gf was using cloudmagic and then due to overpriced relaunch left the app.
Then I saw the video link and said Oo good replacement. Out off luck I guess

MegaLouis118 says:

Except it used to be cloudmagic. This is like QuickPic and ES file explorer all over again

joshx413 says:

you should check out the app ‘Email’ very close to apples stock app, but alot more gestures and customization.

crociati17 says:

it was… before the pricing

Guilherme Teixeira says:

Newton is RIDICULOUSLY expensive. It just doesn’t worth it. I’m not trying it for a few days because I know I’ll love that, but man, lot at that pricing

Photonerds University says:

MOD…does it have an auto reply for when you’re out of the office?

DrrUnKenSTeiN says:

Too expensive.10$ i would pay but not more. I use boxer and it works great.

Frank Woldhek says:

Nice vid, like always. Like allmost all email clients, this one also saves your emails on a separate server and (or)has access to it in some form. What are your thought about that? Is it a neccecary evil? or is it normal for companies to acces your private emails to provide a better user experience.

bubmario says:

Did you try Spark at all? I’ve heard good things.

devin vosburgh says:

It is a great app. I used it as cloud magic for a long time and am now trying the Newton version. $49.99 is a bit much in my opinion. not the price per say but the all up front cost. A monthly subscription would give me more consumer piece of mind. Apps stop getting developed or go a different direction and that is when people feel robbed.

fepe999 says:

Too expensive, nope

John Marshall says:

I love Newton, however, $40 is too steep for this app. I switched to Spark and like it much better. There are only a few email apps that integrate Evernote into them, but luckily on iOS you have Newton, Spark, Airmail, and Boxer to choose from. Spark is best. on Android, we have Newton… that’s about it.

luis colon says:

for me is the best

TheChorrizo says:

Try the iOS app “Email” best one yet

Z!ng says:

50 bucks for a slightly better inbox by google (which is free)? too steep of an entry if you ask me

Yeudy R says:

Spark >>>

mohamed shifan says:

I use Aquamail to manage multiple email addresses, It’s quite good.

Rando The Great says:

I was strongly considering this until i heard that price…

Matthew Baillargeon says:

I was all aboard until I heard that price tag. No thanks….

desiviking says:

Spark for iOS (no Android, unfortunately).
Email by EasilyDo for iOS and Android.
I’ve used them all. These are the best.

al hadjiril says:

I’ve been using MyMail for a long fits my needs perfectly because it’s the only email client that shows my personal folders on my Yahoo business email for work..and it’s free

Cooper Le says:

I’ve had to move off of Newton for now until they get a Windows app. Currently sucking it up with Outlook.

Electro says:

Paying for email in 2017? No thanks

BrainSeepsOut says:

Why should i make another account just to get my email?

Hilal Al Housni says:

Try spark it is simply the best

Andrew Bermudez says:

Are you still using Newton?

PrisonMike says:

Lmao not worth at allllll, so many apps have gestures, snoozing, and multi account support for free

Dani A says:


Theodore Anderson says:

Can the font size be enlarged in the message pane

Jamie Gross says:

Tried probably all apps there nothing comes close to Inbox for me

Allen Angle says:

Yes, CloudMagic was awesome, had used it since the very beginning and then out of the blue an email was received it was becoming Newton for $49 a year. Within hours past users like myself lost their email client unless we started paying, so I have little faith in them now!

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