Moleskine Timepage Calendar Review + 10-iOS code GIVEAWAY! 📅

Is this the most beautiful calendar application!?

Timepage by Moleskine is a very interesting calendar tool. Bringing toegther brilliant design and a comfortable user interface which is welcoming for newbies to calendar users and even those versed in calendar apps.

Here’s my full review on Timepage by Moleskine. Enjoy!


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Hello. I’m Francesco! 😁

Remote-working marketer by day, Productivity app reviewing YouTuber by night. Based in the UK. Enthusiastic about technology!


tb says:

Use Google Cal for office sharing (more compatibility) and shared iCloud calendars for family. Calendar is not the prettiest thing to look at. Would love to have a copy of this!

Vincent Tapia says:

My wife uses her calendar as her task manager app by assigning tasks as an all day entry. She maintains her tasks using traditional paper and pen but will create calendar entries for things that need her immediate attention for completion.

I really like the Moleskine Timepage app a lot but Fantastical edges out in practicality over style by a hair!

Stephan Braun says:

I’m a computer science student and need calendar to organise all of my assignments and projects but this is really hard to manage.
Love how playful the app <3

Manish Chainpuria says:

I use the calendar app built in Any.DO which works well with all the to do lists.

TechRoam says:

Use the app Fantastical 2. Really helpful and easily accessible through the Macbook status bar. My favourite feature is the fact that you can use “normal langauge” to add events to the calendar.

Scott Whitlow says:

I mainly use Fantastical for entering events, Calendar 5 for accepting events via Share Sheet through Newton. And stock calendar app for every day use. Still looking for that one calendar app that does it all 🙂

Ginger & Co. says:

I’ve had this app on my radar for a while but hadn’t purchased it because I wasn’t sure. This app looks gorgeous though!

Mikuini says:

Hi 🙂 i used Microsoft to do with Outlook to organize my events, ans use emoticones for Each list on to do. Good solution for Alone Work 🙂

Duong Tiet says:

I block out the time so that I can finish the important work in deep

Guillermo Poblete says:

I use Fantastical and google calendar. I am not a heavy user. To me It is extremely important a shared calendar because that way I am up to date with appointments of the office I share.

Jesse Koepke says:

Thanks for the review! I”ve been wondering about Moleskine’s app so it’s great to see it in action. I currently use Fantastical for iOS. It’s interface is clean and the ability to use natural language to add events or even to-do items makes it quick and easy to use.

PlusLucas says:

green robot is sad 🙁

Felipe Ricelle says:

Really great video and app! But I missed a look in the widget, how it works and so. I use Fantastical 2 and my main use is just checking my daily schedule in it with just a glance. Hope we can do it with this app too 🙂

Lance Gallup says:

Timely as always, Francesco. I just started checking this one out yesterday. Well designed and has all the necessary and useful functionality without all the clutter that a lot of calendar apps toss in.

Rev. Evan Dolive says:

I’m using Calendar 5 by readle but I have been looking around for a new app. My family uses google cal and it’s nice to have an app that is functional and easy to use. Thanks for the video.

M DK says:

I use Fantastical which very standard in terms of interface but clean, the Moleskine app look very on point in terms of design. I like!!

Velanche Stewart says:

Hey thanks! I actually have this app, but I have underutilized it to the point where I ended up taking if off. Now that I’ve seen it in all of its glory with so many features, I’ve decided to give it another try, thanks to you!

Roberto Castro says:

I am using the basic Google Calendar app and find it lacking in a lot of ways. The thing I miss the most is being able to see the date on the app icon itself. I have only 2 calendars so far, one for my stuff and the other for my family stuff. I have also connected Todoist to my Calendar so I get my daily todos on my view as well. Thanks for the review looking forward that giveaway!

DjCosmic84 says:

Calendars are saving my life they remind me about my gigs about bills about important days as birthdays and etc even about my wedding day and latter about anniversary which is really a saving a life 😉
I’m currently a fantastical user but would love to try moleskin as I really love they diary’s

Luis Aurélio says:

I’m always looking for calendars and todo apps. I’m a fantastical 2 user long ago, in which I place all important events and simple (event related) todos, due to my poor memory. Would love to try time page. Keep up the excellent work Francesco!

MrChelotta says:

I really like the moleskine notepads! Just use color stickers to mark your categories! 🙂 The calendar app is looking really nice, beeing functional too is amazing! Calendars on a smartphone are just better than paper, but you need the realistic feeling!

Mikael Arutyunyan says:

I used to use Sunrise calendar, but it is no longer available. Now I use the default ios app and it gets the job done. I use it as a reminder for all of my meetings (as a project manager I have lots of them).

Raj mohan says:

This looks great

Bartek Soltys says:

Looks really awesome, shame it’s not available on Android 🙁

Smad says:

Honestly, my main use of calendar apps ( Google calendar in particular) is birthday reminders.
I keep forgetting my friends’ birthday.
I hope I win, that design is gorgeous

AliahAlja says:

Wow, the app seems to be really amazing. Hope it’ll be for Android soon

Gary Pritchard says:

I am presently using Google Calendar. I like the new simplicity of the design and clean look. It was much too busy before. I’m thinking of using G-Calendar for task/todo management as well. I am an Apple fan but Google apps seem to be the best in a lot of areas. I use Nozbe for task management but since retiring I don’t need all the great functionality it provides.

LiquidChromez says:

Great vid! Absolutely beautiful app. Tip for calendar use that has changed my life and productivity completely is breaking up the things I tend to do into sections, assigning them as different calendars and time blocking. This pairs very nicely with Todoist as well, and synchronizing the colours between calendars and Todoist projects makes things much smoother.

Avrum Golub says:

Keep up your interesting work, Francesco! As someone who keeps “to-do’s” in my head, it’s time for me to use my iPhone 7plus more effectively. At the moment, I find iCal a bit clumsy.

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