Must Have Apps for Galaxy S8 – YouTube Tech Guy

Here are my list of must have apps for the Galaxy S8

Google Keep:
Google Photos:
HD Widgets:
SwiftKey Keyboard:
Samsung video: showed how to download in the video
Adobe Reader:
Nova Launcher:
Google Rewards:

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Robert Elphick says:

fell asleep watching this. such a boring voice and babbling on.

David Love says:

I don’t see galaxy app store on the s8 that I got today.

Nozrul Islam says:

Thank you so are the best

Richard Recupero says:

i love google photos but its espionage

Stego Saurus says:

swift key is dated compared to what’s available now. it’s cute keyboard for back in the day, never really evolved much.

Kt H says:

I don’t understand why people don’t talk more about the Swype keyboard. All of the shortcuts built into the Swype button on it make it a keyboard I just can’t live without. Swipe from swype button to A selects all the text at once, swype button to C copies it to clipboard, swype to V pastes the text. Single press on button highlights the last word you just typed, swype to T brings up number pad…And sooo much more. It’s amazing and predicts very well. I’ve tried SwiftKey and although it was great I just missed those shortcuts too much.

Ramesh Kumar says:

Samsung galaxy s8 superbb phone

skootchies says:

Your volume is really discouraging… it feels like I have to strain my hearing to even understand what you’re saying. Please fix.

Leticia De Winter says:

zedge. thanks

Matt Trotta says:

I’m going to try that Notes one. Thanks


Kind boring

xXEquixGo1dxX says:

1:32 when your too late and there is a pause button. lol

Tilda Rerekura says:

Swiftkey is the best though, been using it since galaxy s3 days!

Derrick Webster says:

What the fuck is going on I like this fucking app

Jason Hoefs says:

hd widgets, is that a free app?

Sugar says:

Do Samsung have their own music app where u can listen to downloaded music?

Sneakaoligist 973 says:

The SwiftKey is the dopest, I’ve been using it for years


google photos is up to 15 Gb not unlimited anymore

Justin Lofino says:

Google docs

geezee194life says:

can u stop spelling ur name every video…. that would be great

AwesomeAPQ says:

hd widgets is $.99

Mucapapipa says:

I don’t like SwiftKey, and it’s a keyboard, you can’t just say there’s no argument when “I like it or I don’t like it” is an argument: It’s opinion.

Odin Burguette says:

the number one app is package disabler to get rid of bloat and save battery and increase performance ….learn rookie

G1Shane says:

Does the real snap chat work on samsung S8??

Hitnrun69ify says:

I like that ring you have, what kind is it?

Tilda Rerekura says:

I hate this bloody intro.. Voice is so drowning and depressing..

Uncle Eugene says:

isn’t unlimited back up for pixel phones only?

Mahat McCote says:

With the exception of Nova launcher and Swiftkey, the rest are junk apps. Do you get paid to push this crap?

Cdems 126 says:

I saw you did a video of the otterbox defender. Will you be able to wirelessly charge the s8 with it on. I am looking for a wireless car charger too

Fady Nasereddin says:

Non sense Bixby
Fingerprint reader location
No camera improvement
Same battery capacity with bigger screen

#Don’t waste your money on s8

Saleh Ghamdi says:

I think Gboard is the best alternative keyboard

James OHollearn says:

dealnews is better than slick deal because it provides context on how good a deal is in comparison to past prices and the market.

voddie says:

hey u should check out car mode and sygic car navigation and du recorder all good apps

Miguel Aldecoa says:

those are hella gay ass apps

Brian Dominico says:

I had a galaxy s4 and we had a remote camera feature, where I would connect via bluetooth, where I would connect to my wife camera and could see here camera and take photo
Does the galaxy s8 missing this festure

Pervez Sajad says:

can i disable bixby? i really dont want it

Claudiu Gardelli says:

Holy shit! SwiftKey is still laggish as fuck on Android.

Théo cibotaru says:

Someone found a way of getting the mobile data trigger on the status bar

Ariel Love says:

Dude when you turned the ringer on (at 5:44), my table ringed!! :O

PapíDimmi says:

You should learn how to spell “YouTube” and “must-have” correctly.

Bianca080701 says:

can u do a video on how to edit with the video maker please 🙂 great video by the way

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