Office 365 – Add Shared Mailbox to iPhone Mail app

This video will show you how to add an office 365 shared mailbox to your iPhone mail to allow you to use the shared mailbox to send and receive messages.


Karen Stout says:

Thank you very much for this.  Worked perfectly!

Alain Callens says:

Same here, this ended up syncing the main accounts mailbox not the shared.
I have found the solution in the video at 1:07 where you have to enter a “/” and the second email address

Pigeonmail app says:

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Rhodri Matthews says:

This worked for me. Genius, thanks mate.

Vinícius Ferrão says:

Delete function got broken after iOS 9.0 update.

Allen Johnson says:

Dude – This is phenomenal! Thanks a ton!

Rob Verheijen says:

This is IMAP not activesync

Arjan David says:

Still working in 2018! Thanks!

Jason Levy says:

I am unable to get this method to work

withbestrequest says:

Thanks for the description. Is there a way, to include also the calendar and address book of this shared office365 mailbox?

marzouq alazemi says:


Daniel W says:

This doesn’t work any more

Stuart Holtby says:

Awesome… has anyone got suggestion how to see this in the Microsoft Outlook client for iphone?

AboveItAllVideo says:

Cannot get mail the user name or password for “” is incorrect. (BTW the PWD is correct. maybe using the email address as the username is failing?

Louise King says:

does not work

AK videoss says:

thankyou it’s work

Ryan B says:

This ended up syncing the main accounts mailbox not the shared.

yk tan says:

This is not even mentioned in MS’s KB and I almost gave up subscribing to Exchange online. Brilliant and many thanks!

DY says:

It didn’t work for me as it says “Authentication failed”. Do you know what is the problem?

DY says:

Now, I can move to the screen asking for details of SMTP server. However, it return “Unable to connect to email server to verify your account information. No response from server” do you know why?

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools says:

YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!! Thank you so much! This is nowhere to be found in Microsoft or Outlook’s help suites. <3

Bram Van Beek says:

This helps RECEIVING e-emails from your shared e-mailbox on your iPhone. A great benefit. Mails are not received immediately though. The best alternative to push notifications it to set the ‘Fetch’ scheme on 15 minutes (go to ‘Mail’ and then ‘New Data’). This is likely to drain your phone battery a bit faster, but you probably carry your charger with you anyways.

Unfortunately this setting does not allow you to SEND messages from your shared e-mailbox on your iPhone.

cinclema says:

I believe something changed in Office 365 as this doesn’t appear to work properly. I believe Microsoft removed the ability to do this because some companies were trying to use free shared accounts as mailboxes for actual users which is not what this was intended to do. I get either login failures or I have gotten my main mailbox to come up but not the shared mailbox. If someone has gotten this to work recently (August 2016) please post that it does work and what your settings are.

Izaya Evarez says:

Brilliant!! This works!! Someone mentioned below how to be able to send from the account if you couldn’t.

Now… is there a reason we don’t have the option to sync calendars and contacts? I have users who have contacts and calendars attached to the shared account. Reason being, the users rotate who uses these accounts and it’s easier to ask for SharedAccount01 to come to the meeting instead of looking for who’s using SharedAccount01 today.

Any help on that would be great. That will actually save me!! LoL!! Welcome to IT. >.>

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