Parental Control Board App Review – Best App For Smartphone And Tablet Parental Controls?!?

This is a review of the “Parental Control Board” app for android smartphones and tables.
Parental board is a great app for parents who are looking to monitor,track and manage what you children do on their smartphones.
The app has multiple features that will help keep your kids safe…

Screen Time: This feature allows you to limit what time your kid can get on their phone or tablet. It also allows you to limit how many hour they can spend on their device per day.

App Controls : This allows you to limit or block what apps your kid can use and download

Child Dashboard : allows your kids to use certain apps even when their time limit is up.

Call Logs: see who your child is calling ( shows who and at what times)

Messaging Safety : shows you who your child has been texting and at what times

Location tracking :track where the smartphone or tablet is

Geo fence : you get a notification every time your child leaves a set area ( you can create different geo fences)

Email Notifications : get daily email updates with statistics on EVERYTHING
Parental Board App (android) :

SPIN Safe Browser App (android) :

Parental Board (website) :
ATR2100 (microphone) :

Canon VIXIA HF R11 (camera) :

LimoStudio LED light set (lights) :

Icecream Screen Recorder PRO (screen recorder) :


spike Z says:

why is it so hard to remove the app??? I started process but changed my mind and I am having a real hard time to remove on a brand new phone. You have to make it easier to remove this app.

spike Z says:

can it be used on multiple phones?

Jonah IDK says:


Cave Johnson says:

I deleted this app off a kids phone for him

Julian Craig says:

It’s easy to bypass

Justin Chew says:

anybody know?

Bryson Tiller says:

Fuck the fucking fuck what the fuck this shit is crazy af

Karry Roberta C. says:

As a kid I’d tell my parents to shove it up their ****, I might as well not have a phone.
Actually, I did not have a phone or computer till I was 18. My parents genuinely wonder why I’m estranged from them.

nathaniel williams says:

The part about seeing who the child is texting or calling is creepy.

Andrew S says:

Hey guys wanna make your kid paranoid that his phone really is bugged. GET THIS APP THEN.

Darien Blanco says:

We all praying our parents don’t find this app

Andre the Savage says:

this is way too much, if your worried about your child having a phone that bad then don’t give them one

Justin Chew says:

how to disable this?

Whatyoutube says:

How to be a cunt parent 101

Sarah Lee says:

WOW that’s nice. Parents gets another way to monitor their kids. Have you ever heard ‘AppLock’? This app can lock apps, calls, settings, hide private photo/ videos. Useful for parents. No.1 lock app, 300 million users and 4.3 rating. Do you have any interest to review it? We would like to share the review in our SNS. we have more than 40K likes there. app’s google link:

lbredikhin5 says:

SO thank you for this video.

YiFan Feng says:

Fuck this software! Totally a motherfucker things to do! To be controller? Everyone has a right to use electronic devices. It’s Freedom! Nobody doesn’t have any rights to be a controller! Ever parents!

MR_IzeCreaMan says:

How to make sure your child never gets to have any privacy ever again

Ozzie1972 says:

Does it log what’sap application too?

Danica Kaesemeyer says:

Can you actually read the text messages that are sent and received?

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