Playing Fortnite Mobile on iPhone! How To Download

Play Fortnite Battle Royale on iPhone! How To Download & Install Fortnite Mobile & Gameplay Review. Invite Codes Are Not Out Yet!

Download Link:


Jordan OVOXO says:

can i have a iphone

Ashlea Mihinui says:

I got a vodefone

ItsMeDos says:

Fortnite Ad Just Showed Up.

AM Might says:

Fortnite cartoonist graphics – 2gb
Pubg realistic graphics – 700 MB

Gregory Horein says:


JAYANT X ! says:

I think you should start a iOS gaming channel , you react to well !

Mayson BenRajab says:


Kaliyah Plays says:

Didn’t even show how to download?!

tyonna smith says:

U can also do it if you already have a epic games account bc u can go straight to it

DeeDee Lee says:

Fortnite is garbage
Legend of zelda breath of the wild destroys fortnite
It vaporizes it

ItsAlexLagz says:

Add me it’s MOOSELAGZ

Hypebeast Boy says:

I didn’t know epic games was the one who created infinity blade i played the part one and the two and the last there good graphics and wish epic games put a firing button right and it’s hard to kill well it’s beta ill wait

Jaden Torres says:

Best gameplay 2020

Ian Valbuena says:

my ipad

Атака Титанов/серии на русском says: FOR ALL! PLAY!

Keenan Gaming says:

Can you please give me one iphone x

tonygamer121 says:

eap::2 kill streak
me:5 kill streak on first go but iphone died

Unknown Name says:

There is one thing I can’t win in fortnite why tf the hold to shoot button on the left it’s useless but if it’s on the right I can win matches I hope there is a damn update that you can customize your controls like pubg

Sebastian Mendoza says:

I have iPhone 8 plus 64gb (iOS 11.2.6) Will it work?

Tim Watson says:

Running fine on 11.1.2 Electra 7+ here

Gavinzflipper 07 says:

Go download Come play Fortnite with me on iOS! NOTE: iPhone 5s, 6, and 6 Plus are not supported. Visit this link to start playing!

ExoDogz says:

What wallpaper is that

leyz food says:

It is a glitch have it on my dad’s phone’s

DELF .P says:

I got a iPhone 6 Plus

XxxGamerxxX says:

Damn ! So much iphones! This guy would even use iphone batteries for his TV remote

kaustuv karki says:

Fortnite just cheated of pubg and Minecraft they are cheaters

Mël Nurse says:

Hey i sign d invite site with my Gmail account so,in my gmail i.e android it send an invitation n says u r in n when i enter it,it says only for ios can i transfer or link d invitation with my ios

FreddyFazMan ??? says:

I’m on 11.3 and I have a 6 S and it doesn’t work what should I do

tonygamer121 says:

me gets fortnite on iphone x gets 11th and phone dies

Legit gamer Plays says:


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