Samsung Galaxy S8 Hidden Features – Top 10 List

Watch this video to see the best Hidden Samsung Galaxy S8 Features! Including over 10 Hidden Features, Tops and Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy S8!
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david johnson says:

What a load of crap…install my apps wants you to install stupid games on your phone…

Émile Constantin says:

Radio Voice

Tony Park says:

It’s rubbish. None of them are hidden.

Cee Low says:

I can’t change the color on my navigation bar why?

GatorVamp * says:

My text messages does by have the customize option

Brad Justinen says:

This is me never installing free my apps f*** are you talking about.

Heather Kay says:

Knowing press the power button three times on accident. Lol

Hayder Waleed says:

Sos is there since the s6 and used it multiple time by mistake

LongIslandADED. says:

That color changing feature doesn’t come with phone

Najib Hamdard says:

It’s really useful thanks for this video

Angela Palmer says:

I just got a s8 and thank you for the hints. Most of them worked for me. The message one did not work for me.

Alpha Wolf says:

So what’s the difference between Game and High performance? At 14:19

Angela Palmer says:

I just got a s8 and thank you for the hints. Most of them worked for me. The message one did not work for me.

Spencer Stall says:

If your ever kidnapped and cant move but can speak to your phone you can use bixby to call 911 on speaker phone

Tris Cray says:

Nothing new hear. Nothing hidden unless you are an idiot .but well done for making a idiots guide to the galaxy pmsl .

KiMmYcUpP55 says:

With the latest update, you can’t change the navigation bar to a cool color anymore… but standard boring colors..

Benjamin Pieterse says:

I cannot find any “Privacy and Emergency” anywhere under “Settings” on my Samsung 8 plus Edge

ad78 says:

the auto hide soft keys are awesome!

Jay Key says:

this is all in the new phone tutorial

ladyvee7110 says:

11:58 where is any of this on my S8? Edit: Perhaps he needs to mention that you must have a Verizon version of this phone unless he already mentioned that somewhere and I missed it?

Bal Saund says:

Great bud!

Anna Key says:

Yeah. Hi. I’m English. Just wondering, if this is the equvilent to Suri, or what Google has already in place, @googlevoice. A Pre-Voice Command, for the Non-VR Robot, that eventually may or may not exist, in our homes, as we get too lazy to do stuff, like cook for instance. Or sit around a dining table, not a board room table, face to face, 1 on 1 time with our family members.
Its bad enough we all have to go paperless. Yes, this app maybe a great reminder, for our future. But, what about the present. Especially when you do not have a plan b in place. Or the escape routes, like a badly routed GoogleMaps, searching for the sea side, and the waters edge. But instead it is leading you up the garden path. To the top of an active volcanic, mountain peak, in the rain forest.

manju nath says:

How to use bixby voice

Philip Ibe says:

That’s soo great

Madhu Yadav says:

Can I know how to add data to quick setting tab. Let me know thanx.

X's SARI-SARI says:

Great now I have a new SLEEP VIDEO!!!
Your vouce made me sleep,,,

Michael van het Hoff says:

Terror birth exercise xdymxa his golden preference.

Stacy Erickson says:

Ughhh why doesn’t mine have the opinion to customize my texts?

bglasss says:

These are all dumb and useless features. You’re video sucks.

Rashed Islam says:

No shit sherlock!

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