The best calendar apps for iPhone and Android (2016)

Everyone needs a calendar, but finding the one that’s right for you can take a lot of looking around. Subscribe:

So let us do the work for you, as we look through the best calendar apps for iPhone and Android.

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baneen87 says:

Jorte calendar or Sunrise calendar. Google is just too simplistic.. This guy plugs google every which way he can.. He must be getting paid by them watch out people!!!

David Hepworth says:

I use google calendar in the schedule view I love just being able to scroll through my events with no clutter

Saeed Daakeek says:

What happened to Sunrise calendar ? Your 2015 champion. You should do a video on that.

Sergey Bebenin says:

The beauty of Google calendar is that it’s not bloated. “time to leave” alerts come from Google Maps.

Kaushik Bala says:

google calender now has a monthly widget update!!!….

Sam Felton says:

Am i the only one here who likes the Apple calendar app that comes with iPhones?

Katka Tran says:

Which calendar app provides sport schedules?

Tanuj Tiwari says:

Enable comments on your BLM video! don’t be scared!

Matt Mendoza says:

Screw anything that isn’t Google Calendar

Abhishek Beniwal says:

You can subscribe to various calendars in google calendar too. You would need to use their web app though to setup this.

Link –

Lachlan Kelly says:

Timetree is another good one.

beast4000 says:

We need another Jake vs wine video!

ratbert90 says:

outlook is easily the best.

Fathi Rauf says:

Today calendar is good bro!

Manab Chanda says:

please do a video about best keyboard app

Vedraj r.m says:

I liked the stock calendar app on my Sony Ericsson W8(android 2.1)

Raka Aditya says:

Calendar 5 for creating event, the rest I’m relying on Apple’s calendar.

shpl0rgs yson says:

Excellent script and delivery. I’m liking this guy more and more each video!

pleasantcrew says:

solcalendar for Android is pretty good

Aditya Khakhria says:

2:29 – which keyboard you are using??? Or is it in-app

Martin Alberto Palafox Vazquez says:

La opción de exportación no me es posible utilizarla. Quiero enviar un correo y no me lo permite porque me requiere configurar una cuenta de correo y encuentro cómo hacerlo. Alguien quien me pueda ayudar a solucionarlo .gracias

Stefanos Kostaras says:

The most important factor for deciding which calendar app to use is, what’s your calendar account. For example, I use my outlook account for my calendar, but most calendar apps don’t allow editing events on it. Not even the official Microsoft Outlook android app, which is crazy! Strangely enough the built in iOS calendar app handles outlook account well.

It’s a really headache if you’re using 3 ecosystems (Apple, Microsoft and Google, hence an iPad, a Windows PC and an Android phone).

Omnis says:

I was looking forward to this update. Sadly, you guys come to the same conclusion as I. Now that Sunrise is gone, the options for calendars are just awful. I can’t stand Outlook, and the other options on Android look like they’re on drugs.

Foraday App says:

Foraday – a calendar that’s directly on your clock face

Mahesh says:

IMO best calendar app is Fantastical 2. The density is a non issue. Under settings just go to list and select today only. It only shows events and reminders for the day. They also have an amazing companion app for the Apple Watch.

Natural language processing, access to reminders make and interface make Fantastical second to none.

IMO google calendar is the clumsiest calendar app I have ever seen. Can never imagine using it !

LogicTech says:

Just use stock….

coldfusion167 says:

I can add Sports schedules in Google Calendar.

sash sepehran says:

Which keyboard were you using on the iPhone ? I thought it was Swift but it’s not!

ANZ Gaming says:

can you make a video on the best phones on certain prices such as oneplus3 at hte price of £336

Neeraj Kumar says:

outllook is far better, you sellout

Jonathan Forney says:

I really missed This Is My Next. Great video, really made losing Sunrise hurt a bit more though

jessie christopher lapinid says:

all these brouhaha and you’ll end up wit Google …geez

Unicorn Apps says:

Get the iPhone 7 live wallpapers on our latest wallpapers app it works on 6s and above.

Viti says:

This guy… I like this guy

Ini Ony says:

i’m sorry but i can’t get over it XD
i’m gonna keep calling this guy “the drunk guy”

James B says:

You missed google calendar’s biggest competitor on android – Today Calendar.
some people like Business Calendar
Cal is also another good one
…. so much better alternatives than what you suggested.

TechMex says:

Why are there so many dislikes????

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