The New Gmail – Everything You Need To Know

Read the post: | Join us as we take a look at the new Gmail! We cover the new look, new features, and features coming down the pipeline! Check out the written version for more info!

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Ramza says:

I love the new gmail. I usually find that updates always take away something I like, but this is awesome. No ads makes it even better.

Lord Ba'al says:

No need for any background music. Especially when it doesn’t fit the content.

Jinal Parekh says:

I cant access confidential mode, anyone know how to use that feature?

Max14163 says:

I wonder how google managed to slow down gmail so much? Must’ve taken a lot of code to do that.

Mettana says:

Hangouts support is great. I wish they would drop the Allo/duo nonsense and put all their focus back on Hangouts. It makes a mockery of those app, and just about every other messaging app. Why did they decide to reinvent the wheel?

Boba Squid says:

Why can’t the gmail mobile apps be like the desktop version?? I swear, the organization system sucks! And you can’t undo conversation mode. It’s ridiculous! Inbox app is a bit better but still can’t undo conversation mode! Like, Wtf Google???! Are you on drugs??? Copy Yahoo mail app, simple and straight forward.

Doomstemplar says:

What about those of us that use “Inbox” instead of Gmail.

Sebastian J says:

What About On Phones??

Alex Ella says:

this is almost Inbox, which you can view your Gmail in anyways. the main difference is add-ons. I have used Inbox for a long time and it looks and feels way better to me honestly and I am way more organized since using it

Stid Starz says:

How do I switch back to classic ?

Rexx Seven says:

What happened to all the other comments, they are missing.

Blair Lockhart says:

where are contacts?

Adrian J. Bynum says:

Nice work man

Kurrupt4Lyfe says:

WHERE ARE MY CONTACTS NOW?? Looked everywhere, nowhere to be found

David Clarke says:

Refuse forehead very agency judge past wake minor persuade matter helpful.

Arun kumar says:

How to save contact

Buddy Pride says:

Tried the new Gmail but the layout did not use the whole screen like it used to. It left a large area between the inbox window and the shortcut apps that I could not modify. I have more than 1 Gmail account and it only happened on 1, but I thought it was worth mentioning – since it happened on the one I use ALL the time!

Fr0stPh03niX says:

Hey Joe or anyone in the comments, can you pls tell what gmail theme is being used? (because I fell in love with the nice blue background!)

Cecile Biezanowski says:

Where are the contacts ? I want to create new contacts but I cannot find where it is.

Skynet says:

We need a new YouTube design and another Google messaging service

Stefan Markovic says:

Will you do a video about PWA (progressive web app)??

Krisztian Ujhelyi says:

Is there any option to switch back to old design?I fuckin hate the new one,its disgusting.I want back the classic gmail!!!
Why do they have to make shit from good things?Give us back the old design.

Android Authority says:

Thank you for watching everyone! I’ll be monitoring the comments over the next couple of days and responding where needed 🙂 I hope everyone enjoyed the video. Don’t forget to share (if you wanna, it’s optional, obviously lol)

~Joe Hindy

Donald Scott says:

The new gmail is TOTAL CRAP!!! Though many things needed to get fixed, they instead chose to make it much much much CRAPPIER!!!

Paul Butt says:

I Think the snooze button where its say things like ‘Later today’ Tommorow etc. should allow you to chane the date and time as they do in ‘pick the date’

R.A.W says:

For a moment I thought you were wearing a hat on the thumbnail.

Wis Dom says:

I’m leaving Gmail today! I HATE THIS NEW SLOW CLUNKY DESIGN! It literally hurts my eyes. CAN ANYONE RECOMMEND ANOTHER EMAIL PROVIDER? Maybe Outlook?

King0097 says:

How tf do you get to contacts now

Robert Costa says:

Where did the print button go!!! I want to print a receipt and I can’t find the print this e-mail icon. When I try to “Print this Page” it messes it all up…

Remi Olugbemi says:

Nice! But I do not have the snooze option in my quick button. How can I add this.


Where you had been so long?

Crystal McCune says:

My side task bar continues to close (where the compose and folders are) I dont want to close but stay open, anyone know the trick?

JoeJoe Graz says:

New Gmail is slow and has bugs. Much more lethargic. Hate the fisher price layout. Functionality sucks. Google has terrible design capabilities. CONTACTS should be the top priority for the sidebar. What the heck is wrong with this organization? Zoho Mail is better and butter smooth.

Jim Oliver says:

The new Gmail “ROCKS” I love the label colors…I knew the black stock labels could be colorized with custom Icons symbols !?
So easy to read my mail…big time organization.. BIG TIME !!!

Nick says:

The new gmail is way to clunky and slow. The old design worked just fine.

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