Top 12 iOS 12 Features! What’s New Review

Top 12 iOS 12 Features! BEST Changes & Hidden Features. Grouped Notifications, All New Apps, iPad Gestures Revamp, Animojis Review.

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Versace Crocks says:

I laughed pretty hard at the ghost emoji portion

Isaac Kambayi says:

Does 12 come for iPhone 6S+?

Andrei Pirjolea says:

How i can install jailbreak on ios 11.4.1 ? Tnks

Levan says:


joey cohensaban says:

Maybe with the addition of the iPad iPhone X feature similarities, Apple is getting ready for the new iPad lineup with the iPhone X style display

Kurdish A says:

زؤر شازه WOW

Hi Hi says:

I don’t think all the iPads should get these gestures. The iPhones with home buttons don’t have the iPhone X gestures so why is every iPad getting it?

buganvilstudio says:

I skipped over the emoji and siri part. But thrilled about performance and a better photos app!

Dre-Guy says:

How do I get the weather and info for the day that comes up in the morning? Is that do not disturb?

RobloxIsJeremygamingyt1 Gaming says:

Oh and even I found good morning and the weather too

Raghavendra Bharadwaj says:

Just don’t hold the phone in hand or don’t keep moving the phone faster. The whole interest of watching the video falls down.

Stephan Mollentze says:

Cqn i get the iphone x please

Ahmed Nazmy says:

This will be Migos’ favourite ios

Elona Piggy says:

Hopefully Siri is smarter

Cam 9 says:

can you measure things using an iphone 8 plus?

Dr Kinetics says:

I don’t like what they did with the iPads tbh

Choperholic says:

Hey please help. I have a iPhone 7, 32GB. Running iOS 11.4, the battery drains very fast and SIM card stop reading. It just shows searching even after I pop out the sim slot. Please help! What can I do??

LongNeck Gaming says:

I’m really looking forward to iOS 12, a lot of people say Apple is getting worse but I personally think they are innovating towards the future. Can’t wait to see iOS 12

Renz Adolf Sabado Soriano says:

I already installed iOs 12 on my iPhone 6, but why is it grouped notifications not available?

Fou fou Bro says:

Lol the iPhone falls XD

Dangerson006 says:

0:10 rip in pepperonis iPhone

MR. MILKY says:

How come I don’t have iOS 12 when I got the X

Defalt says:

Please give me a wallpaper on I phone x

Zorawar Khan says:

bro..when this update’ll came in India..?

cameron kyuubi says:

also btw please someone answer, do you think iphone 6 will be getting the “iphone x features” when the full version of ios 12 drops?

flip // MotionGraphic says:

9:58 triggered my siri

Itstahlia says:

Why don’t I have the iOS 12?

Listen Song says:

No call recording

Abdullahill Azmi says:

Happy cuz i still use the iPhone 5s.

BossySmaxx Hex says:

How did you get the update I am using iPhone 6 still didn’t get update for ios12

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