Top 3 Email Apps for iPhone 2016

While the best email is going to be subjective, we found what we believe are the 3 best mail apps for iPhone.


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Troy Thomas says:

WHERE IS CLOUDMAGIC!!! Spark doesn’t even have a desktop client at the moment.

Clinton W Salvato says:

I pick spark for the iPhone, and Airmail for the mac. My most email use would be from the mac, while the iPhone is just keeping track while away from the computer. Spark also gives me better Gmail support then the built in mail app as well when it comes to notifications as apple mail still doesn’t support instant fetch for Gmail like the native Gmail app from Google, and other third party apps.

Great video.

Yu Shane says:

This is a really useful one. Keep it up Andrew!

Indie Guy says:

Can anyone tell me why Jeff left iDB

blaxxz says:

Does Push works with Outlook (IOS)? With GMail or other Services?

Tree says:

0:20 Spark
1:57 Outlook
3:18 Airmail

J.T T says:

I still use the native iPhone email app. Works great for me.

Rodney Sanchez says:

Best video ever, love how you explain and compare each application… Amazing job

Theodore Anderson says:

How is font size changed in spark message pain for people with eyesight problems?

iMANTlS says:

7 Days left .. for mailbox to shutdown :(((((((((((((((((

Zaid Saifi says:

Honestly telling the videos are awesome but
The thumbnails and the intro looks ugly boring and old
We love you andrew but please improve these things jeff does these thing better !

KTBFFH says:

Andrew..!! what happend to Jeff…

Josh Hayes says:

I still like the stock mail app. Lol

victor chavez says:

So i noticed your viewers are going down.

Emad Ahmed says:

Does Airmail have the smart inbox like Outlook and Spark?

Pigeonmail app says:

Hi everybody, please check pigeon mail client bringing fully offline mail experience following Get Things Done(inbox zero) methodology! This is where efficiency and beauty meets! Learn more

Zyox says:

CloudMagic is the best for me. Plus it’s free.

mittul shah says:

just improve the lighting buddy… either crank the phone to full brightness or lower the rooms light…

Firepower says:

Right at the end of Mailbox 🙂
RIP ;(

Wesley Tee says:

Loved the Outlook app ever since i tried using it.

_ says:

Are you still going to be doing IOS 9.3beta videos?

Gameel II says:

I’m horny

Bboi says:

Hey you should make a video on the best password managers for iPhone? Just a suggestion, great video!

Saad Arshad says:

You are rocking it bro.

Pat says:

you can see your email in outlook under settings

Total recall says:

Just try mymail

Luke Houge says:

Airmail now available for iPad and has read receipts and also send later

Leonardo Ch says:

Spark failed me so many times, it would never send me notifications. I missed many important emails. Now with Outlook everything is much better and I only have to worry about the important emails.

BaboonLoveMonkey says:

Please don’t ripoff other channel’s videos.

Andrew O'Hara says:

WTF!!!! We have the SAME name!!!!

Was so weird watching this!

Dilshan Karunaratne says:

air mail better app but i like to use default apple mail app

KingShoter007 says:

*What is up ladies and gentlemen, this is Jeff, with iDow-* oh wait…

Roland G says:

I am so disappointed in Spark. Completely screwed up my Apple ID. The Approved has been locking me out of my Apple ID 3-4 times per day. I had to reset and change about 25 times. Finally deleted the App and the problem went away with it. Too bad, the app has potential. Cool video though

ajlh94 says:

CloudMagic is still my favorite.

Alexis Ramirez says:

Does somebody know how to remove an iCloud account from an iPhone 5 ? It has iOS 8.4 installed

ifouth xion says:

$4.99 for an email client with just more customization is not worth it. And Spark has iPad beta. You should try it.

Tim datoolman says:

Great video! Does Spark sync across all of your IOS devices?

Jon K says:

I think while airmail shows the most potential it’s (for obvious reasons being very new) the buggiest. Random crashes, emails out of order, some things broken (save a draft you really lose it- a bug). Clips some long emails- a bug being fixed. A bit in an unusable/unreliable state right now for anyone using it for business though.

Tomi De Lucca says:

AirMail looks the best, but I hate the icon so much I could never put it in my homescreen. Please hire some real designers, not just a 2 year old, and I gladly pay the 5 bucks.

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