Top 3 iPhone Email Apps

I show you my three favorite emails apps that you can get on iOS.

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Spark by Readdle:
Edison Mail:


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Edison is the best among your list but I don’t think there will ever be a beautiful email app as Mailbox , RIP.

Zach Meadows says:

Personally, I’ve always used Spark as its interface and usability just work for me. Having seen this though I’m going to give Edison Mail a go.

Thank you for another top notch video!

Paul H says:

Really enjoy using the Edison Mail app very like the iOS mail app…!!!

Gustavo Cuba says:

Why you didn´t compared with Newton and Inbox ??

John Himmelberger says:

The new Gmail App now supports snoozing and suggested responses

Vlad Fishermann says:

Polymail and Outlook arę the best 🙂

Shante violet says:

Do some rooting and jailbreaking videos for once instead of the same garbage you been doing your much better than this you religious bastard lmao

Osama Castor says:

Edison FTW!

Gustavo Cuba says:

In Airmail you acctually can select a lot of emails if you let press on the left and then you can see how the list of emails move to the right so you can select multiple. Is not be like a force touch, but you have to press.

Aking Beverly says:

Spark’s font is to small.

Rohit Srivastava says:

Thank you so much. I always watch your video.

efibendor1 says:

Problem with Edison is that all your email is stored on their servers. That’s a security issue.

Jeff W says:

Well I’ve been waiting for this video/list of email clients, I seem to be stuck with always going back to the GMail app due to its simplistic and familiarity feel.

I was hoping to find a email client that I liked better without to much of a learning curve or change…

That said have you taken a look at a email client called Canary?

What’s nice about Canary and Airmail is that they offer a watch companion as well.

Aking Beverly says:

You have to long press to select all in Airmail to delete. The menu will come up and allow you to select all. Long press on any email and it will just pop up!

iosgino says:

I was recently contemplating on getting a third-party email app, and you’ve definitely helped with choosing. Thanks Aaron!! Edit: I chose Edison!

ovoym says:

literally what the hell. this video is perfect. i was thinking of getting an email app other than the stock app because i was tired of not getting notifications the minute they sent. thank you so much.

Neil Boardman says:

Hi Aaron, thought you might be interested in Edison’s privacy, Edison harvests information from your email, that’s why it is free. See their privacy policy here:
Great video as usual.

kevito920 says:

I will be trying Edison mail now. Great video as always

Tdrex720 says:

Gmail keeps deleting my emails it’s so frustrating

John Silver says:

There is nothing better than Outlook App on iOS devices

Anam Moc says:

Thanks for the review. But right now i’m tied with ios stock mail is getting better then it was

Vicente Valjalo says:

Thanks for the detailed review! I choose Edison!

Jacalz says:

I have been using Edison mail for a couple months and I really like it! It is great and a pro tip is that you can mark an email as read just by dragging the blue circle on it…


Bluemail and typeapp are superb have a look at them

Scarboy6693 says:

I love Edison myself too. My favorite choice by far. Only weird oddity for me is that it shows timestamps in 12 hour time despite my phone being in 24 hour time. But small issue overall

Michael Molenda says:

I am all in with Spark. iOS and Mac.

John Edmonds says:

Readle is a premium developer. I love their apps. Calendars 5 is the best app they make.

XlifesXtoughX says:

All email apps are the same at this point

Jerel McCollum says:

I like Edison, but I use Gmail since its easier for me to attach files from my Google Drive.

Erislandy Valdez says:

Make one for android pls

devin vosburgh says:

Have to say I have used all the iPhone email apps and I always go back to Newton. It’s expensive…no question, but I get email pushed right away and it’s smooth.

SupaDuperJosh says:

Thanks to you I’ve been using Edison. I love it and works fantastic

divyanshu says:

60 fps?

TheMakhnovist says:

The best apps for iOS are made by Google and Microsoft. Apple is a dying company.

bobby4500 says:

i use the default app, it works well

rsxfreak79 says:

You can select as many emails as you’d like and then delete them all at once in Airmail. Just touch and hold on an email (not 3D Touch).

Danaliism says:

I absolutely love my Edison Mail app for iOS……..can’t stand stock iOS Mail.

Jose Blanco says:

You can try Astro Mail, it’s amazing, you even get A.I

utubedano says:

The default mail app has been soo good I didn’t need to change. But maybe I’ll try one of these just to try…..

florin toma says:

@zollotech, thanks for review. I use Outlook for couple months, but now give it a try to Edison. Find it more useful and fast.


Spark is also very good

Daniel Caruso says:

Nice video as always. Would be great to see this for Android. I’m still searching for the perfect Android email app.

Dzzz Lunatic says:

Which music app is great for iphones?

Krishna Allam says:

Can u make a video about media players for iOS (like VLC etc.,)

Joe Lester says:

I really like Edison email app but I just can’t use it for my default email, I primarily use iCloud email and I can use mail drop up to 5Gb and all the emails are instant, just like using iMessage or something.
Sometimes gmail servers will take awhile to send and also you can’t send anything bigger then 25mb so that why I can’t use it as my default.
But I have used it and I do like it and I would use it if I didn’t have iCloud

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