Top 5 OnePlus 5T Features!

OnePlus 5T one-ups its brother, but still keeps the price low. These are its best features!
That hoodie:
That wallpaper:

OnePlus 5 Review:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: I got One by Alltta (Instrumental)


Phone provided by OnePlus for video.


Sunik Shakya says:

s8+ or 5T?

The Laughs with Bradley and Alice says:

Trying to choose between Pixel 2 xl, Oneplus 5t, and LG V30. Don’t really care about wireless charging

Oneplus because of cheap price, fast face unlock, nice screen, and headphone jack

Pixel 2 because of software, great camera, stereo speakers and water resistance

LG V30 because of Quad DAC, good camera, water resistance and small bezels

Pls help meh choose

Cyluks Gaming says:

I think I know my next phone. Would anyone recommend this to someone coming from a galaxy s7?

christopher dougherty says:

I love this phone!! Fastest phone I have ever used!, 8gb 128gb, coming from the s8+, the screen was a little bit different, bit it’s not bad at all! More than satisfied, and mine came with a clear case, and a screen protector installed out of the box!! Dope!

vinay babu says:

will op5t buyed in india works with australian network….plz suggest

largol33t1 says:

Marques, OnePlus’ naming system is so confusing. From your experience, would you consider this an upgraded 5 or should they have called it a 6? Damn, I was hearing great things about the Galaxy S9 and I think OnePlus already took my money! I’m using an old 3 but it has proven to be very reliable and the camera takes very good pictures considering it’s not even a dual lens.

Dat Turtleboii says:

Normal phone buyers: OnePlus, Honor, LG… Cheap and very good.
Those guys who think they need better phones than others: Samsung flagships, expensive and good.
Those guys who think Apple is the only real phone company still in 2018 and don’t even notice if there are some cheap and good phones out there: iPhone X. Overpriced and not even any better than others

Muhammad Saqib Nazir says:

It’s a beast for sure but when it comes to facial recognition it failed in my case . My brother looks like me 70% and guess what it unlocks my phone using my brothers side pose. LOL

Robert Sanders says:

That lava Red one plus 5t comes out tomorrow it looks good check it out sir

Sid D says:

Would you recommend this or the Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra?

daljit saini says:

Hello sir
Which phone’s screen is much softer on eyes from op5t and honor v10 ltps ips lcd in day to day usage? I have eye strain problem and i cant decide between amoled and ips

Addy & Darren DeMeulenaere says:

This looks amazing, I’m going to get this phone when I have enough money.

Tech facts says:

Sir please giveaway

Tech facts says:

Sir giveaway

Paul Schutz says:

Marques do you have news for the winners of your giveaway ? I’m one of them, but have no more response from OnePlus or… you.

Owensiscon Gaming says:

Did u get paid

Tech facts says:

Love you sir

Jithin Jacob says:

I think I’m the only one who noticed that he used the air quotes wrong …

JackTz says:

Best phone I’ve ever used. Amazing battery life, great screen, super fast. Only the camera could be little better and the speaker is not that great

murtaza moiny says:

waiting for your full review ob oneplus 5t
hope you upload it soon

jasxir says:

Isn’t OLED?

bluevishnu says:

Oneplus 5T grt spec’s with the amazing price point. And I’m started using as my daily drive Thanks @mkbhd fr ur suggestions, oneplus will be the future tho!!!

MrBibiBear says:

Awesome video marques :)!
If anyone can give me feedback on my oneplus 5t video that be awesome guys!

Chance Collins says:

After 3 admirable years with the Galaxy Note 4, i feel i really made a great choice to replace it. Loving the OnePlus 5T so far.

BeeVeeVee says:

The back looks a lot like the iPhone

Mohit Chandel says:

1+5T does not use software for the portrait mode as you have stated the video. The 1+5T uses both the lenses to create a difference in perspective

Mahmood Bello says:

I want one please!

Cermet says:

I might get this. But first, I need to graduate.

FullTuber says:

*subscribe to my channel if you are happy*

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