Top Email App Update – Caution, People May Read Your Mail

After doing a video about the top email apps for iPhone, some information came out about my top pick that is a bit disturbing. I wanted to update you with what they are doing with your email.

Wall Street Journal Article on email:

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Edison Mail Privacy Policy:

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Edison Mail:

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LazyGamer 155 says:

Removed and back to gmail

Curtis Smith says:

Thanks for letting us know!!

Harun Judin says:


James Baker says:

Like spark but switched to Gmail app with the new updates.

Magdalena Koh says:

Thank you for the information! Gosh.. and btw I am new to your channel what a great find…Look forward to more from you too

Richard Bell says:

Thanks, Aaron. I am going to delete it from my iPhone right now.

Nick Hayes says:

My personal favourite email app would have to be Outlook. Never had a problem with it.

Krishna Mamunuru says:

I removed all third party apps & using stock email app after your tweet

Arman Talwar says:

I try using stock apple apps as much as possible .. they may not be the best, but hey, it’s the closest thing to “privacy” as possible ..

Vendetta 187 says:

Thanks for this Aaron. I’ve just this 2nd removed Edison and reverted back to the stock app! Shame as liked some Edison features like FaceID unlock but I respect my privacy more 🙂

Clément Patout says:

I am afraid spark is not soo better in data privacy according all what I read.

Harrison Gray says:

I like the setup 😀

Darkest Broccoli says:

I only use stock Apple for everything. Might not always be the best but I don’t have people looking at my nudes

Dennis W says:

That is disturbing.. I use the gmail app

Tech1Tv says:

I use the stock email on Apple and Samsung. Now some companies make people can’t trust them

Rustam Zeynalov says:

Thank you so much for that information. I’m using stock mail app and in my experience it’s the best app when it comes to receiving timely notifications as opposed to Gmail Inbox app for example. That app never notifies me of new emails and only when I open the app is when I see new messages there. Does that ever happen to you as well? Gmail and Outlook occasionally have that problem as well in my experience.

MT 18 says:

Using edison but well.. nothing important in my email anyway lol

Jay Scott says:

Thanks mate! And kudos to you for your doing the right thing after promoting something like this. I personally use outlook which has been fantastic so far so I guess I better look into it! Have you tried outlook email? I think it’s a really good app and has great feedback setup, where they do take your ideas into consideration on how to better the app!

SheepKid12 says:

Why does this really matter? Google probably reads your emails.

Nick's Apple World says:

What a shame! I’ve been using Edison Mail for months now and I’ve grown to like it very much for its great UI and battery efficiency but unfortunately, I must delete it to protect my personal info. This is just disappointing and I hope the developers fix this but until then they have lost me as a user.

SoYouWantMoore says:

Using outlook. Works better on iOS than it does on Windows.

Munther Ghabboun says:

Best email apps I use is Airmail on iOS and Maildroid on Android. I recommend to review these apps.

Chanaka Neeranga says:

outlook !

Nick B says:

Thanks mate. Used it after watching your video. Will now delete it. Thanks for the update!

Pascal H says:

I‘m using ProtonMail an E2EE E-Mail Provider. Automatically encrypts mails to other protonmail users. You can also protect regular non encrypted mails with a password and/or a timer.
You can even use your own domain if you forward your DNS entries.
I think it’s worth to check it out.

Greetings from Germany

REDIXIT Atef says:

It’s really scary. These days, privacy isn’t a thing. Companies only care about your information, it’s just more valuable than money, and can get them higher revenue

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