Unibox – App Review

Unibox is a very simple alternative to the default Mail application for Mac. A special shoutout to Unibox for giving me a free demo for review! Hope you all enjoy!

Download Unibox: http://goo.gl/aXXmhT

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Mick H. says:

Very good App, really loving it. You can add a signature by the way. Just go to format and click add image when you are changing your signature.

Question: how did you change the appereance of your dock?

demalih says:

I like that Concept is also rated, good system, it’s my first time viewing your video,
I’m not sure it’s my browser, but the audio sounds muffled

Mac Square says:

JACKIE O’REILLY: Of all of them I prefer Airmail, but I have to use the stock app for my spam filter to work.

HYITHO says:

awesome review! btw, how did you make those icons looking like iOS 7?

Irene Schwörer says:

Unfortunately, the app does not download the mail itself until I press the icon.
can it be changed in the settings ?

anitaxja says:

good job! best video app review i’ve ever seen. 

Mac Square says:

Thanks! Going to be writing a post explaining the system in more detail so be sure to check out the website – macsquareblog dot c o m

Darren .D says:

love ur dock icons! mind sharing 😀

Mac Square says:

Elegant and simple, love it!

Mac Square says:

Thanks 😉

TheCunnu12 says:

$9.99 a little high??? Oh you young generation that wants only things for free…

Mac Square says:

Thanks! Been perfecting/working on it since Saturday 😉

enjoyette says:

Wow great review! Thanks!

Manjit Singh says:
Scott Schwartz says:

UPDATE: HTML email signatures are possible and there are more options for customization. Two of your three noted drawbacks. Might consider updating your Square score.

Faisal Ali says:

Hi, can you set a password so every time you open the app it asks for a password (several family members use the same Mac!)

Barna Nagy says:

Nice review.

AD says:

Thanks- was wondering about signatures – no good for me without that. Promising system though.

Alvin Alberto says:

Very well made and super informative review… keep up the good work….

Jack R says:

Wonderful review. Do you prefer this over Airmail? What mail app is your favourite? (Including stock). 

Cary Landholt says:

Nice job

puntybunny says:

I agree. My old copy of entourage for mac is no longer supported. I liked the power tho. Am now trying both Unibox & Airmail 2. I very much enjoy the convo style window of Unibox. It’s so easy to see the flow! However I did have several sigs I set up in entourage & it’s not looking like I can to do that in Unibox. Also, I HATE that I can’t set a default font for my emails. Yes, I can start typing, select, then change the font, then finish typing, but what a pain. Also, the cost is now $20. Also – I can’t use spamsieve? really? I’m trying a trial of that too, in airmail. Bad, bad. As much as I love the ease of seeing convos, & how easy it is to scan thru names of senders, the shortcomings are still too much, especially at that painful cost.

Tim Plaster says:

awesome thanks man!

Faisal Ali says:

Hi, can you set a password so every time you open the app it asks for a password (several family members use the same Mac!)

Andrea Borlo says:

Nice Wallpaper may you tell me where to find it? 🙂

Rob S says:

You’re very articulate and provide an incredibly comprehensive review. Good job!

Ross van Zyl says:

I really like the rating system!

iTechFusion says:

Very neat app 🙂

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