What’s on My iPhone X – 2018 Edition

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Oh boy, here I go showing you my iPhone setup again. Here’s a look at the apps that occupy my homescreen – including note-taking apps, productivity apps, my habit and fitness trackers, and more.

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Apps mentioned (with Android alternatives for the iOS exclusives):

– Notion
– Pocket
– Google Calendar
– Google Drive
– Tide
– Todoist
– Front
– Twitter
– Instagram
– Habitica
– Strava
– Fitbod (Android – and free – alternative: Fitocracy)
– Google Maps
– Scanbot
– Slack
– Audible
– Snapseed
– Splice (Android alternative: Quik – also made by GoPro)
– GuitarTuna
– Pocket Casts
– Spotify
– Frame.io (no Android alternative, but the browser version works great)

How I use my calendar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcWplarcZzY

My original Habitica video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxxKm7tSL6I

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Chin says:

how do you organise every aspect of your life?

Thoriq Nur Faizal says:

Hello thomas your podcast listen money matters not in spotify?

Tanmaay Chowdhary says:

Man, you’re handsome!
I want to be like you.

Amos John says:

Do you have a notion template you can share with us? Thanks

Elijah Hooks says:

What is the wallpaper your using

Ramyar Abdullah says:

I wouldn’t trust Kinobody for fitness

Vinícius Lourenço says:

What does he studies? He’s always talking about productivity and study, but I have no idea about what he does!]

Ari Gadget says:

I team the team collaboration is available now on spark. Personally dont use spark (was on Newton) but now checking that out as well as canary and airmail.

abhishek tyagi says:

Sir what do you do professionally ‘ are you a programmer?

In Free Pang says:

Overcast is great too!

Kate Narain says:

Hey Thomas! Your videos are the reason why I am able to squeeze the most out of every day! Thanks! Also, I was wondering if you are able to make more math videos? Thanks again! Keep up the great work!

Arsenio Buck says:

Just realized that you’re on “Listen Money Matters” and you’re a complete douche on there. LOL. You’re putting up a front, Thomas. You’re not all attentive and nice like you are in these videos, and that’s why I don’t have respect for a lot of you tubers because they pretend to be someone they’re not. EXPOSED.

Loover Play ツ says:

можно по Russia

Abhishek Singh says:

Where did you get that wallpaper

Tom Gogal says:

Microsoft One Note offers a better service then Evernote

Slimtim 381 says:

He would be a great dad

Risris Bayanillah says:

You look like a robot man, does human really need those app thing, everything is in your head man

תומאס פרנק says:

One of the best apps I have on my phone is “sleep cycle” it’s an app that catch up with your movements in bed while you sleep and therefore knows your sleep cycles. It then wakes you up in a window of 30 minutes to the time you choose you wanna wake up and it does so while you are in you awake part of your sleep cycle… It really helped me with getting up early without feeling tired and yucky in the morning, I really do recommend it to anyone!

James d'Shone says:

That Kinobody program.

Coddiwompling Miguel says:

Super off topic but man I love your shirt!

DadyByte says:

instead of Scanbot try CamScanner. It has option to save in other forts such as PDF etc. Also you can put all your notes in one PDF with this app.

Shan Min Kha says:

I cannot set dailies on Habitica
They just don’t load and once I close the app, they disappear.
I have tried reinstalling and stuffs but nothing has worked out. Any ideas??

K Finesse says:

What a boring phone

daniel silva says:


Andrea Randall-Burman says:

My favorite calendar app is Fantastical, which puts your iCal and Reminders all in a single, easy-to-use app. It’s not free, but it’s got apps for iPhone, iPad, and desktop.

Mishal Alexander says:

very monotonous video

Matt says:

Another great “workout” app is called Tinder.

Saransh Verma says:

What’s the storage in your phone?

Rodrigo Guedes says:


chaos says:

Oooo this is the guy from Crash Course study skills

Marcel jackson says:

You are great and I love you so much

hejer Hajer says:

I didn’t find fitbod in play store!? please answer

Rohit Shinde says:

#bro for UG B.Tech Electronics and Communication Technology engineer (E.C.T)and electronics and telecommunication(E.N.T.C) engineer what is the difference in it please tell me and which one is best according to you

Alvaro Mendez says:

Thank you for for the pieces of advice, you are great

Charles Rice says:

Overcast is the way to go for podcasts on iOS. You should check it out.

Bimsara Malindu says:


Ryan Holmes says:

Hey Thomas. After watching your video I decided to download the app Strava and start walking. Since July 1st until the 28th, 4 weeks, I’ve walked 235.7 miles (379.3km). The app helped a lot. Thanks for the video.

Benedict Böschen says:

As I am starting to study in Oktober I was wondering whether notion is the app to go for? Honestly, OneNote does not appeal to me at all, however, evernote does seem to be quite a well-rounded choice. Therefore, I am curious of an Evernote to Notion comparison, especially for the work of a student.
Do you guys have any experience as notion still seems to be fairly new? 🙂

Kathy Akd says:

When is your BDay ?!

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