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Yahoo Mail APP
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In this video i take a look at the Yahoo Mail APP for Android.
I show you if its any good, or if its still slacking
Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions, thanks!


Gary Z says:

is there a way to enlarge the default font size (for things like the inbox etc)?  the font is so tiny that I can’t hardly read it.  thanks!

Yes Rod says:


Lorna Vargas says:

How do I log out from yahoo app?

blondecards_n_bakes Simone James says:


Katarína Divulit says:

Hi, can you tell me how to view starred messages as well as all unread messages in this app? Thx for answer,

Jhonnycent says:

how can i do questions on the app yahoo mail and also answer questions?

John Smith says:

Yahoo Customer Support AT +1-888-927-1490 !!

Aftab Husain says:

You’re welcome. You don’t need to log out, you can just stay signed in as it will notify you if you have any new emails.
If do want to log out you have to go to the accounts tab on the left bottom, select your account and delete it

Saikat Willy says:

How to sign out?

Aftab Husain says:

From the settings tab

Aftab Husain says:

Lol yeah i haven’t heard of rediff.
Oh okay.
Yeah i should try doing that as well i guess

blondecards_n_bakes Simone James says:

Thanks for the walk through. I just uploaded the yahoo mail on my Samsung S4 but I was wondering, How do I log out of it when I’m done?

DJ 9Dab says:

How to check email attachments??

Aftab Husain says:

No problem, i got what you meant

ali shahid says:

aslam o alaikum !
bro aftab husassain i need your help if you can 
i have forgot my password and i don’t know my secret questions.
but i am sign in on my android phone on yahoo mail app 
please let me know how can i recover my password. thanks
best regards 
ali shahid

Aftab Husain says:

I am not sure if this can be done as i have the same problem as well

Aftab Husain says:

It sure has improved.
Lol, lucky you.
I am stuck with it as Yahoo was my first ever mailing account and everyone has it! =S
Gmail all the way though! =)

Aftab Husain says:

You’d have to add a contact manually by going to your yahoo mail address book on a computer

Patrick Waterman says:

can i chat on this yahoo mail ? or which is the latest yahoo messenger for android ?
i have  Samsung galaxy nexus android 4.4.2

Sahil Chaturvedi says:

Yep, this app has greatly improved.
But I left Yahoo a long time ago. The desktop site is super cluttered. Gmail all the way!

Renante Rosales says:

is there a combined inbox option? i have 3 yahoo mail.. i just want to know if theres a combined inbox for 3 emails..

Kit says:

I have this app, but I can’t find the sign out..I use all of the features you were talking about, but I would like to sign out.

DerekAz says:

Seriously, I have to delete the account simply to sign out? Won’t that also erase any settings that were in there and signing back in would be like starting new again?

Gary Long says:

Is there any way to store the emails in the SD Card (instead of the phone’s internal memory)?
My phone’s internal memory is now almost full because of the Yahoo! Mail app for android …

(p.s. thanks for the video!)

Lakesha Ingram says:

On yahoo android how do you sign out if you don’t want the app running all the time

freshroasted coffee says:

Do you know where to sign out?? I’ve seen it before but whenever I need to use it I can never find it?? Hope you can help.

Edward Priore says:

I had 6 yahoo email accounts on my Android zte zmax. If I was looking at an email I received in yahoo account 1 I could hit reply and then change the “send” email to any of my other accounts and send. I got the ZTE Blade xamax and yohoo is bugging me to use their email app on my phone. Can you do this in the actual yahoo email app??? Please help!

DJ 9Dab says:


Manu S says:

Good video hussain.
But am stuck with sign out. How does one signout of the yahoo

amreenk77 says:

Hi, i want to know if there’s a better way to photos once an email is composed because if you just browse into the DCIM folder, it gives you a list of photo names, so you really can’t see what you are attaching. Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Thanks

Aftab Husain says:

I dont think that is possible.
Try clearing cache on your phone from the apps menu.
It always help in freeing a lot of space.
You’re welcome and thanks for watching and leaving a comment

Mohammed Al Mosuti says:

Man I just wanna know how to add a contact , rather of that every think is so obvious to me … but thank you anyway

v SIG says:

Yeah man but how you  ” Sign Out ” !!

Sahil Chaturvedi says:

Yep! In fact rediff (You probably haven’t even heard of it lol) was my first ID. I got rid of that soon, and then I got my YMail. As soon as Yahoo updated their site with that Ugly UI, I set my sights on another email client.
I just send a message to all of my contacts on my Yahoo account that my ID had been changed. Easy 😉

shysterrtube says:

its sucks!  when you first open it it takes you to the news page.  If you tab the little email icon it takes you to the portfolio page.  You have to find the little 3 lines in the upper left corner to take you to the main page and stroll down to email link.  On the email page there is no way to delete any emails from there. you actually have to open each email and look for a little trash can.

Aftab Husain says:

Thanks, glad you liked it.
You have to go to the accounts tab on the left bottom, select your account and delete it

blondecards_n_bakes Simone James says:

Thanks for the quick reply. Don’t want to delete the account each time. Just stay logged in I guess. X

lanell2004 says:

How do u gwt the layout of the yahoo mail to not be as big so I don’t have to zoom in and zoom out? Like on the iphone u see the whole message without zooming in..can the samsung do this? I hate having to zoom out the mail

Aftab Husain says:

You’re welcome, happy to help.
Yeah that’s a good idea =)

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