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Amazon Prime Music app review
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Hey guys it’s Andy with In this video I’m gonna show you the Amazon music app where you can get access to millions of songs and hundreds of playlists for free directly on any device. If you are looking for a way to download free music legally onto your smartphone or tablet then this is the app to go with. This is the Amazon music app and it gives you access to like millions of songs, hundreds of playlists for free if you are a Prime member. So if you’re an Amazon Prime member you will be able to get this. If you’re not a Prime member you can get a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime by clicking the link in the description below or going to That will take you to the page where you can sign up for that free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime where you can get access to all this music. I’m gonna show you this app real quick and how it works. So when you first open up the app and you login to your Amazon Prime account you see this little screen here. And this is the songs, albums, and playlists screen where you can browse through all the most popular songs and albums. You even got the genre drop down menu where you can select individual or specific genres or leave it on all genres. And then you got your playlists tab over here. You can go through the playlists. You got your albums. You can check out all the albums, and you got your search function here where you can search any phrase like any artist name or song name or album name to see if it’s available on the prime music app. And if you tap the Menu icon you got more options here. You can view your library so anything that you saved to your library from the prime music you will be able to view here by artist, playlists, albums, and songs, genres. Then you got your Downloads. So let’s go ahead and download a song or an album just for the sake of this video. Let’s say I wanna search for, No let’s say I wanna go to the alternative rock albums and see some albums here that I want. Or I can do my search function. I’ll just tap on an album here. And this album is available on Prime. It’s got that little check mark and the Prime logo here. So that means I can add this album to my device for free, download it. So what I want to do is add album to library, and it’s gonna add all the songs on the album to my library. And I just go back to my library and I can go on artists or albums to find that. I’ll just go to Artists and find Fun. This is the album that I just added to my library. And I can stream it for free by clicking the play button or shuffle button. Then I can also download all the songs by swiping to the left on each individual song and then clicking Download. So if I do that I can download songs from that album directly onto my device for free, and I can listen to it wherever I’m at. So not only do you have unlimited access to all the prime music for free you actually have this thing called Prime Playlists as well. You can go in here and choose all the playlists that are on prime and listen to them for free on your device. So that’s my review of the Amazon music app. You can click the link in the description below to find the link to this app for your device. Also again you can find the link to the free 30-day trial for Amazon Prime if you’re not an Amazon Prime member so you can get access to this app and all this music. So I hope you enjoyed this video, and I wish you all the best with your brand new music. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure you give this video a thumbs-up and subscribe to my channel. Keep having fun out there, and I will talk to you later.

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Amazon Music App Review – Millions of Free Songs
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Lil Wayne says:

When you said it downloads do u mean it goes to your music app ((the one that comes with your device) n can listen to it without wifi????

Luke Garner says:

anyone know an app I can buy music and download it to my device? any song? having trouble I feel stupid

The Ymid says:


Griff Shaylor says:

were is KSI songs

Jay Hall says:

this is a great “how to ” about how to use Amazon Prime Music. Just remember folks you get so much for your money with Amazon Prime! so for all the songs, videos, and two days free shipping, it is the BEST DEAL!

Desi Friedberg says:

HELP: On my Alexa dot, I’m using my parent’s amazon account, and on the amazon app, is a bunch of songs I don’t want to listen to. If I delete the songs from amazon music, will it delete from my parent’s actual phones?

Mariana De La Rosa says:

Did the app change ?
I can only find the amazon music app and it’s $ 9.99 or $7.99 a month for prime members.

Austin Carrithers says:

so what happens when the trial ends, will I have to pay or will it just stop working??

Sandipan Ghosh says:

quality ? aac or mp3 and bits rate?

Maximus Reese says:

AMAZON you SUCK BALLS! You mutha’s wrecked my Truck CD for friday. I’ll pay for songs you crooked dicks.  You bleaka tortas are fuckin pimps!

DeathEgg94 says:

So I have to have prime to browser through music? If so, that’s dump. Really dump.

Cindy Kenward says:

Awesome! Thank you so much.

Joe Rodriguez says:

Excellent video Andy.  Wanted to learn how to use Amazon Prime Music.  You review will help me get started.

Oswaldo Reyes says:

Fantastic video. It helped me get the app for my Amazon Prime Music.

Aaron Queen says:

I sign in to the account, but that doesn’t show up. Ugh!

Maximus Reese says:

I want the remix for “you find out who your friends are” song and AMAZON spits back everything else. It’s simple shit bro. Tracey Lawrence rocked it and McGraw and Chersney just rocked on. I want this cut for my ride. What is your problem AMAZON?

Chloe Is A Salad says:

I Need Free Prime Again :I

adam hansen says:

fuck amazon, nothing is available in shitty denmark fuck you amazon

John Gorman says:

Can you get it offline without data?

The Ymid says:

I’m fairly new to all this downloading albums malarkey. Why is it that there’s gaps in between all the tracks?? It’s annoying when tracks are meant to join and there’s this pause. Amazon didn’t really know what to do and offered me a refund of an album, but that’s not what I wanted. There must be thousands of you out there that live music, but have to put up with this. Cd’s never did it!!

Francesca Adams says:

Where do u find the downloads tab on the newer version?

AndyCockran says:

Once I download the music onto my phone, where can I find it to listen to?

Anis Hassanzai says:

this was a really good video, helped me a lot, keep up the good work! 

Andy Slye says:

Try Amazon Music for free ►

Jay Fight21 says:

Does downloading a song to your library on this app take up any storage on your device?

Robert Aguinaga says:

Does this include new releases as far as new albums? Or ids there a delay

Adolph Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenberdorf says:

Thanks 4 video. Thumps up.

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