App Review: Spotify

App Review: Spotify

Hello YouTube! Spotify, an amazing music service that allows you to play millions of songs on the go. Depending on the device you have, there might be a subscription fee that you can pay to get music on the go every month. This subscription allows you to create playlists, listen to songs and also have a backup of all your playlists on all of the registered devices. The desktop version is free which is the one I’m using for this review. Mobile devices have the same concept to it but instead you have to pay. You do need an account for the download but it’s worth it!

Download Spotify For Mac / Windows: (Available Only From The Spotify Website As There Is No App Version)

Download Spotify For iOS:

Download Spotify For Android:


Music: Lensko – Circles

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Chase Britton says:

Let me just say I was very impressed on the way you portrayed this video, and I clicked on the video hoping to get the info I needed and I did. Defiantly subbing. Cheers

Tech Genius says:

Nice video!

Devaldy Jonathan says:

Your voice really sound like Justin Bieber.

Gerard Cayo says:

Paid services are a dated concept. Companies need to start considering one-time lifetime access, like SiriusXM did when they first jumped on scene. Even if it was $500, I would consider it. That’s like getting 63 months of use, out of every user, right from the start. The bonus for the user, is that every month after 5 years of use, 60 months, every subsequent month of use is finally free…

This would greatly ensure longevity of user activity because people would never stop using a service they already paid into. And it would provide the larger initial funding needed to invest into the company. As more life long members sign up, the more resources available for additional research, development, upgrades and what have you.

$500 may be a little steep so research should be done to determine proper pricing for life long use. Until then, I’ll stick with PowerAmp for locally stored music and Pandora for random music based on my personal preferences. YouTube if I want to here something not stored on my device, instantaneously.

Ink Master says:

Does it save the music to your phone memory or to the app ?

Josan Galmeras says:

Friends! This spot performs definitely better than this video to have the *Premium Membership*.
++ ++

Xboxgamer2001 says:

If u get a free trial on Spotify premium and save your music will ur music stay saved when the trial runs out?

Ashish Agrawal says:

Hi.. Would you be interested in making a review video for my app-FiTurtle ?

It is a LOCATION based, FITNESS oriented NETWORKING platform.
It is something which you wouldn’t have seen before.

Rezer Thomas says:

I`m studying that there`s an improved way than producing one, to get this Premium Membership.

StartSoftie says:

What wallpaper is that

Ozzy says:

100% worth it 10/10

- Mungo - says:

So is it free….? Without premium

Ke Michael says: HERE IS 60 DAYS FOR FREE ENJOY!

Techit - YouTube Channel says:

*App Review: Spotify*

Jimmie Jay says:

What mic do you use? It sounds pretty nice and natural. I want one like your’s.

gl_crowd says:

Love Spotify!

The_Next_Ali Champion says:

I came across a issue with my subscription recently on Spotify. After trying to read into how to solve the issue I tried it and it didn’t work. My last option was to call customer support only thing is they don’t have a real customer support option. Exhausted every option they give you to fix this issue and it didn’t work. Read customer service reviews for them and they are among the worst. So just a warning if you do choose to go with Spotify if you come across a issue with your subscription or anything else that doesn’t get resolved chances are you’ll be at a loss with a struggle to get your compensation back

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