App Review: The New Google Play Music App – “All Access” Streaming Internet Radio Tour

Google is taking a shot at services like rdio, Pandora, and Spotify. For a monthly subscription All Access lets you stream as much music as you want without limits ad-free. This works in conjunction with your uploaded catalog of music on Google Play, and now we have a more unified experience for listening to, cataloging, and buying new music. Let’s take a look at the new music app!

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claw247 says:

So if I don’t have a connection I can listen to music? Like if I get on the train I have no music

Js Dubon says:


ShortAndFormal says:

Most streaming music apps allow you to download tracks to the app for offline usage.

carlos suarez says:

Hbhbvvgni vi bi bbih

Ben Jenart says:

SIMPLE QUESTION: with the basic pay rate for all access, CAN you download for offline listening without BUYING the song ontop of the payment?

JuanBagnell says:

It’s my personal Nexus 7 (2012 edition). Why?

Ryan Paredez says:

find the song and you should see the 3 dot menu button and click on it, there should be an option to delete

Ernesto Molina says:

google sucks -.- i buy songs and i have to download songs to thay dumb app , and it takes a long time!

Tasheena Brown says:

So music u “download” is essentially “rented” so u have to make sure u keep paying for the service?

QueenzStreetDwella says:

Do you have to be connected to the internet to use this app, because i want to use this as my primary music player and i dont want this to use up all my data, please respond back

Stephen Varga says:

Anyone know how to upload your library?

Humberto C says:

Anyone know how to delete a song from library

Luis Diaz says:

lol he has by this town needs guns on there 

DriverBruh says:

I have the same stylus

Kyla Ma says:

im having troubles with that right now.. cuz it use to have that “traingle” thing??

Ayman AlThubity says:

how can i download music for offline listening?

H A says:

My device in nexus5 and I’m so in love with google play radio Idea, but I don’t have it 🙁
I only have: Listen now, My library, playlist.
and my library doesn’t have radio 🙁
please help me if you have any Idea

Daniel Tellez says:

this isn’t your tablet?

ynkeesnum1fan says:

still don’t fully understand…can I download all the music I want? or is it just for streaming?

JuanBagnell says:

It’s pretty much the same as it was before the update. In album view there will be little menu dots, tap that menu and there will be the pin to keep the music offline. I can’t find any other ways to download for offline listening.

JuanBagnell says:

If you buy a song from Google Play, it’ll play with or with out a subscription.

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